What is Toastmasters all about?

This page explains what Toastmasters is all about, and how you can benefit from becoming a member.

Worldwide programme

Toastmasters is a worldwide programme where you can improve your leadership and communication skills.

This happens in a safe, supportive club environment.

Toastmasters learn by:

  • Practising speaking in front of the group.
  • Listening to others speak to the group.
  • Evaluating and listening to evaluations of speeches.
  • Following the Toastmasters programme.

Work at your own pace

Everyone works with the same programme - but because everyone is different, each gets something different out of it.

Toastmasters is not a formal course in public speaking.  There are no instructors or classrooms.  Your speeches are not graded, there are no tests and there is no "right or wrong" way of giving a speech.

At Toastmasters, you learn by studying the resources in the manuals provided, practising giving speeches on a variety of topics, and helping one another with constructive feedback.

You learn by doing, by watching your fellow club members, and working with your mentors. All this is at your own pace - and on the way, you develop your own style.

Each speech project is designed to develop your speaking skills, one step at a time. You work with a set of objectives to guide you, but what you speak about is your choice.

Each project builds on what you've learnt previously.  You'll learn how to structure a speech, find the right words, use body language and your voice effectively.

Evaluations are key to success

Every speech you give will be evaluated by another Toastmaster, and is their opinion only.  Listen carefully to your speech evaluations, and discuss them with your evaluator.  Review your written evaluations. This feedback will point out your strengths, and offer suggestions for improving your next speech.

Evaluations are the key to success in Toastmasters, and the cornerstone to helping you become an effective speaker.

Rewards are many

Not only will you learn public speaking and leadership skills, you'll also be recognised for your efforts.

Every formal speech you deliver earns credits towards an official Toastmasters Award.

You'll receive a Toastmasters certificate on completion of each Award. Your employer may also receive a letter about your accomplishments if you wish.  You can also list your Awards on your CV.

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