Visiting a Club

Visiting a club allows you to see how meetings work. Club meetings provide an opportunity for members to learn and practice communication and leadership skills by assuming a variety of roles. Each meeting role has a unique set of responsibilities and skills for you to explore. A mentor, will help you perform these roles. Some roles may vary depending on the club.


Toastmaster (Chairperson)
The main duties of the Toastmaster are to coordinate and conduct the entire meeting, introduce participants, and act as a genial host. This task is generally reserved for members who are quite familiar with the club and its procedures. More information here.

The responsibilities of the grammarian are to introduce new words to members, comment on the language used during the course of the meeting, and to provide examples of good grammar and word usage. Report the use of creative language and announce who used the word of the day (or a form of it) correctly. More information here.

General Evaluator
The General Evaluator is the member who evaluates everything that takes place throughout the meeting except prepared speeches. This task is generally reserved for members who are quite familiar with the club and its procedures. More information here.

A hallmark of effective speakers is the ability to express themselves within a specific amount of time. Members rely on the timer to pace speeches and practice adhering to a time frame. More information here.

Introductions are often performed by the Evaluator or Toastmaster. A good introduction paves the way for a positive experience for the speaker and the audience. More information here

A major part of every Toastmasters meeting revolves around one to four scheduled speakers. Members prepare their speeches based on projects in Toastmasters Pathways learning experience. More information here.

The most important benefit of Toastmasters for members is the honest, fair, and supportive evaluation of their presentations and leadership accomplishments. More information here.

Table Topics® Master
The  Table Topics master is responsible for preparing and issuing an original, creative topic or topics. The Table Topics® session is the portion of the meeting designed to give every member and guest of the club an opportunity to speak extemporaneously for a minute or two. 

Table Topics® Speaker
Members are called upon to respond to random questions or topics. Guests may use this opportunity to introduce themselves instead. More information here.