Changing your Club and Officer Information

This page explains what updates Toastmasters clubs need to complete by 30 June each year, or when club or officer details change.

Updating your club information

Following club officer elections in May (or whenever details change), it is important that all clubs update their club and member contact details in the following websites:

  1. Toastmasters New Zealand
  2. Toastmasters International

Full instructions are provided below. Please print this notice for reference or send/hand to the club officer who will be actioning the updates.

You should check and print your club listings in both systems first, before preparing and actioning your updates.

(A) Updating your club details on the New Zealand Club Finder

All clubs and district officer information are stored in the Club Finder.

Register your 2018-19 Club information on the New Zealand Club Finder site You will need a login, which is your membership number. Once signed on, you will see a "Member's Menu", which includes a Club Editor.

As soon as your club has held its Annual Business Meeting (ABM) to elect their new Executive, you need to update up to three areas of the District Directory:

  • Officer names and contact details (for President, VP Education and Secretary) for Pathways Base Camp Managers
  • Email redirections (other members who receive emails sent to the club for (e.g.) membership enquiries)

You can also add your club's Facebook page and your officers' Skype addresses if you wish. 

During May and June, you can change both current and next year information using the Club Editor - please use the "Club Editor Multi Year" option, which appears on your Members' Menu when you have logged in. There are sections marked (to June 30) and (from July 1); you can change either or both in a single update. Changes to the current year will take effect as at present, next year changes will be in place in the first week of July. The editor will change back to its normal layout on or around June 30.

To sign on to the Club Finder, you will need your membership number and the email address you gave TI. Please refer to the video resources page for an overview of this process. Any current club officer can make these changes. For help, there are two points of contact:

  1. For questions about logging in, please ask, putting "Club Finder Login" plus your club name and number in the subject of the email.
  2. For all other inquiries, please ask your Area Director first. You will be able to find those appointed for the next year by using a 2018/2019 version of the "People Finder" (or the District Directory) in the Members' Menu.

Every member has a login to the NZ Club Finder, and can download the District Directory for the current and upcoming year. This replaces the printable directories, which were becoming vulnerable to hackers; it contains listings for all clubs and District Officers.

Division Directors will be able to compare entries across both years, in order to be able to offer help where needed.

Don't forget to update your club information on the World Headquarters website as well from the next set of instructions.

(B) Updating your club details on the Toastmasters International Club Finder

All clubs need to inspect their club listing on the Toastmasters International Club Finder including their location marker in Google Maps, and then update their details as necessary. 

A club officer will then need to login using their personal membership number and password to update their club's meeting details as follows:

  1. correctly type your club meeting venue address in the Place and City boxes, remembering that this data is used to build the town/city drop down list (See note 1 below)*
  2. accurately specify your club meeting venue address or location on the Google mapping function by sticking the pin in the right place, and pasting the location code into the window provided. You should then double-check your location marker on the front end of the WHQ website by listing your club in the Club Finder and checking where the Toastmasters logo appears, to ensure that the map doesn't have your meeting venue on a mountain or in the wop wops in some random country on the other side of the world! (See note 2 below)**
  3. remove any personal email addresses, and replace with the club's New Zealand generic toastmasters club email address
  4. update any contact phone numbers, meeting days and times, and club website address if they have changed

*1 The WHQ database takes the 2nd address field and uses that to build the drop down list of town/cities, so you should type a city in this field, not a suburb.

**2 If you spend a couple of minutes testing the listings you will figure out how to pin your club location for a more accurate result!

Updating your Club Website

All clubs with a website should plan for updating the club's contact details for the new committee. Your club website is found by prospective new members from links on the WHQ or NZ club finder. If your website is not listed, please advise the District Webmaster. This task is for your Club Webmaster.

Want to know more?

Email for all other enquiries or if you need help to ensure your club listing is correct.