How to Join Toastmasters

Attending meetings

If you wish to join a Toastmasters club, you can attend a club meeting for a few sessions as a visitor to get to know the club members and how the club works. 

Download and view our Visitor Pack for information about How Toastmasters Works.

When you are ready, a member of the club will invite you to join, or you can ask to join. You must then complete a Membership Application Form available from a club officer and pay the joining fee to the Club Treasurer.

When the club accepts your application and your fees, you are officially voted in as a member of the club.

Your membership application form is completed by a Club Officer, and you are registered with Toastmasters International in the United States along with payment of your fees.


Minimum age

To join Toastmasters, you must be at least 18 years of age.


Toastmasters Joining and Membership Fees

Every new member of Toastmasters pays a one-off joining fee and a membership fee. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

The membership fee can vary from club to club dependent on the costs the club incurs for hall or room hire, refreshment supplies, and other club expenses.  As a result each club has it's own individual fee structure.  

After you join - getting started

The first thing you will receive is a letter of welcome, together with instructions on your first step. Your assigned mentor (or the Vice President of Education) is there to help answer the many questions you will have, and you will certainly benefit by reviewing the Pathways information page. If you come across something that you feel is not explained well, just ask; the club is there to help you.

You may see members working with "Competent Communicator" and "Competent Leader" manuals; they are working on completing awards from the previous (legacy) education system, which will be valid until mid-2020. 


Speaking Programme

When your membership has been confirmed, your name will be placed on the club's forward speaking programme and your Icebreaker speech will be scheduled for delivery. This usually happens within a month of joining the club or at the next available opportunity.


Resources for new members

As a new member, you will have a Mentor to help you get started. This may be someone you choose, or someone who is assigned; in the short term, the Vice President of Education is the person to ask. You'll also have access to a wide range of Toastmasters resources, some of which you can purchase, and some may be available through your club.

You can participate in speech contests (subject to eligibility), and attend Toastmasters Conferences, Training Sessions, and Educational Workshops. 

You'll receive "The Toastmaster" magazine every month from Toastmasters International. This magazine is crammed full of interesting articles and news about Toastmasters all over the world.


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