Contact Us

This page lists the various methods to contact a member of the District Executive. 


For general enquiries you can email Should you have a more specific enquiry you can also contact one of the District Officers or Field Officers listed below. 


Simply call 0800 PEOPLE (0800 - 736 753). Your call will be answered by one of our designated 0800 officers. Answer phones may be operating in some areas at certain times. Should this be the case, just leave your name and number and we'll call you back.


Address your correspondence to:

The District Director,
Toastmasters New Zealand, 
PO Box 25165, Featherston St,

New Zealand.

District Executive Officers 2017-18

District Director
Sarah Bate DTM
Program Quality Director
Toni Sharp QSM DTM
Celina Templeman DTM
Club Growth Director
Fiona Hodge DTM
Neil Stichbury DTM
Immediate Past District Director
David Templeman DTM
Public Relations Manager
Stephen Preston DTM
Administration Manager
Michelle Gerwitz ACB ALB
Finance Manager
Tania Fraser DTM

District Field Officers

WHQ Supplies

Kath and Vaughan Cherrie, DTM
District Supplies

Kath and Vaughan Cherrie, DTM
District Parliamentarian

Chrissy Meyer, DTM
District Historian & Librarian

Denis McCord, DTM
48 Tilbury Street, Lower Hutt
T (04) 567 7169
F (04) 567 7351
District Webmaster

Mike Diggins DTM
District Directories Officer

Mike Diggins DTM
District Statistician & Retention Officer

Alun Chisholm, DTM
District FreeToastHost Support

Jane Atkinson DTM