Jack Duffy Rose Bowl Memorial Award

This page describes the Jack Duffy Rose Bowl Memorial Award for Community Service. 

The Jack Duffy Rose Bowl Memorial Award is awarded at the November Convention to a Club for outstanding contribution to the community and/or community activities raising the profile of Toastmasters in the previous Toastmasters year.  This may include running Speechcraft and Youth Leadership courses, judging at school contests, presenting to non-Toastmaster audiences, and running external events.

Entries for this award must be received by the Program Quality Director by 30 September each year.

November 2016 Recipient

Jack Duffy Rose Bowl - Ohariu Toastmasters Club.

Rob Julian DTM accepts the Jack Duffy Memorial Rose Bowl for community service on behalf of Ahariu Toastmasters Club, Division J, from Program Quality Director Sarah Bate DTM.

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