This page has the contents of an email sent by the Program Quality Director Sarah Bate DTM, to all clubs and District Officers on Friday 17 February 2017.

Greetings District 72 Toastmasters

Welcome to the second half of the Toastmasters Year and to the new calendar year.  2017 will be a very big year for Toastmasters International and Districts all around the world, with the roll-out of Toastmasters Pathways Learning Experience (Pathways), which will ultimately replace the current education programme.  I hope that all District 72 members have heard of the new education programme, perhaps at Club Leadership Training or from your Division and/or Area Director, who have received updates at District Leadership Training.  Also, a newsletter was issued in October last year and another will be issued in the next couple of weeks.  However, if Toastmasters Pathways is new to you, don't panic, there is plenty of time to get up to speed.  Below are some details to let you know what is happening and what to look out for.  

District 72 Timeline

At present, TI is rolling out Pathways to selected Districts to test the programme.  Although Pathways has undergone Alpha and Beta Testing Programmes, TI is committed to ensuring as smooth a roll-out to Districts as possible, and is conducting a pilot programme with selected Districts to further test the systems.  Assuming that the pilot testing is successful, Toastmasters Pathways will be rolled out region by region.  District 72 is part of Region 12, along with Australia and Papua New Guinea.  Region 12 is currently scheduled to be the fifth region rolled-out and we have been told that this will be in July – August of this year.  Dave Young is the Chief Ambassador for Pathways in District 72 and with myself is responsible for the roll-out in New Zealand.  Dave and I will be ably assisted by a network of Pathways Guides, who will receive training approximately three months prior to the programme roll-out.  More about Pathways Guides below.

What about the current education programme?

We are advised that the current educational programme and all the manuals will remain live and available until the end of 2019.  This means that members have just under three years to complete their DTM under the current education programme.  This is important for members who wish to complete their DTM in the next couple of years, while some of the Leadership components of current awards can be transferred to the new Pathways Programme, completed awards can not.  Alternatively, members may start the new Pathways Programme as soon as roll-out in District 72 is complete.

Learning Masters

TI has been working on revamping the education programme for several years now, and previously called for members to apply to become Learning Masters.  District 72 was fortunate enough to have five Learning Masters who assisted in the development of the Revitalised Learning Programme, known as the REP.  Currently the District has two active Learning Masters, being Helen Cartmell in Division J and Stephen Preston in Division E.

Ambassadors and Pathways Guides

Not long after TI called for applications for Learning Masters, they also called for members to apply to become REP Ambassadors and a Chief Ambassador was appointed in every District.  Ambassadors were to visit Toastmasters Clubs and present the REP to members.  However, the REP was delayed in its roll-out and has since been reworked to become Toastmasters Pathways.  TI has given Districts the option of retaining Ambassadors to advertise Pathways to Clubs and then appointing Pathways Guides to actually assist in the roll-out to Clubs; or enabling selected Ambassadors who have the requirements as per the application process detailed below, to switch over to the Pathways Guide role.  The Ambassador role will be disestablished in this District.  Dave and I have thought very carefully about this, and have decided the best way to move forward is to promote the new programme to clubs via training at Club Leadership Training and at District Officer Training, newsletters and at District Conventions.  All the information available to Ambassadors is available to club members on the TI website (see link below), so rather than take up time at club meetings and not be able to share anything more that general detail, Pathways will be presented at clubs by Pathways Guides nearer to roll-out.  We note that a lot of the previous Ambassadors have elected to become Pathways Guides.

Who can be a Pathways Guide?

Toastmaster members may be Pathways Guides.  However, there is a heavy workload and time commitment for training as a Guide and visiting assigned clubs.  Dave and I are looking for experienced Toastmasters who not only have a strong understanding of Toastmasters as an organisation and of its existing educational programmes, but who are also confident presenters and able to handle robust question and answer sessions.  Dave has been in touch with all Division Directors who in turn have been asking in their Divisions for interested members to apply for the role of Pathways Guide.  A Pathways Guide job description and an application form is attached to this email for interested members who have not yet applied.  Dave and I will be working through the list of applicants and allocating clubs to successful applicants over the next few weeks.  We will verify these allocations with the Division Directors at the District Administration weekend held on the 4th and 5th of March.  Successful applicants will be advised shortly after the Administration Meeting.

Below is a link to the section of the TI website regards Pathways Guides – please note that not all links and documents are accessible yet, some are password protected until roll-out and the District does not yet have access to the password.

Toastmasters International Pathways Guides

Pathways Guides will receive  credit equivalent to the one year District Officer role required as part of the Advanced Leadership Silver Award.

Links to more information

If you would like to read more about Pathways, follow the link below to the Pathways webpages on the TI website.  As noted above, the District and members do not yet have access to all the documents and you may come across some that are password protected.  We will be unable to access these until the formal roll-out.

Toastmasters International Pathways Overview 

What next?

If you think you would like to be Guide, please contract Chief Ambassador Dave Young or myself.  Once we have appointed Pathways Guides we will communicate this to all Guides and the District.  We'll be keeping the District updates with regular newsletters about Pathways – look out for the next one in the next couple of weeks.  Once Guides have completed their training and are ready to commence visiting clubs we'll ensure we update Clubs on progress.

Please email me should you have any questions.

Sarah M Bate, DTM
Toastmasters International District 72
Programme Quality Director 2016 – 2017
phone 021 322427