District 72 Organisation

This page describes the District 72 Toastmasters New Zealand organisation.  See also the District Reformation page.

Regions and Districts

Toastmasters International is a worldwide organisation. From an organisational perspective, Toastmasters is divided into several Regions. Each region is then broken up into several Districts.

The whole of New Zealand forms one District - District 72 - and is located in Oceania, Region 12, along with Districts 69, 70, 73 and 17 (Australia).

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Visit the Region 12 website.

Divisions and Areas

District 72 is led by a District Director.

Diagram showing the District Leadership.
(Diagram from page 11 of the Toastmasters International District Leadership Handbook).

There are nine Divisions in New Zealand, named Divisions A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and J.

Each Division is headed by a Division Director, who is elected every May at the District Annual Business Meeting.

The nine Divisions are broken into Areas, named A1 through J8. An Area Director heads each Area. Areas have from 3 to 6 Clubs.

There are 273 active Clubs in New Zealand.

Area Directors are elected by their Area Councils before the May Business meeting. Area Directors not elected before the May Business meeting may be appointed by the incoming District Director.

District Administration

The District is led by seven District Officers, who together form the District Executive.

The District Director, Program Quality Director and the Club Growth Director are elected every May at the District Annual Business Meeting. The Immediate Past District Director is an automatic position. The remaining three Executive Positions are appointed, these are the Finance Manager, Administration Manager and Public Relations Manager.  

For the 2017/18 year, there will be two Program Quality Directors and two Club Growth Directors, in preparation for the District splitting into two separate districts on 1 July 2018.  See our District Reformation page for an update.

The District Administration Committee consists of the District Executive and the Division Directors.

Field Officers

Field Officers are appointed to assist with specific aspects of running the District effectively. They are:

  • District Parliamentarian
  • Convention Consultant
  • Convention Chairperson
  • District Webmaster
  • District Directory Officer
  • District Supplies Officer
  • District Historian
  • Spirit of Success Administration
  • Training Coordinator
  • WHQ Supplies Officer
  • District Statistical Analyst
  • District FreeToastHost Support

Want to know more?

For more information about the organisation of District 72, please email director@toastmasters.org.nz.