District Reformation

Three years ago District 72 voted to investigate reformation and a committee was formed at that time to research whether there was a need for this and District Council subsequently voted for this. 

During my team as District Director I requested permission from TI for our District to reform which was granted. A committee was then established with a representative from each Division and myself as a non-voting chair. The committees brief was to perform research and analysis based on our historical data, current trends within the country in terms of growth, population and economic factors. 

Once the research was completed a proposal was put to District that included a proposed line as to where the dividing line would be placed to make two districts and a timeline of when other actions would happen. The proposal was voted on at the November 2016 District conference by Council with the outcome being to accept the proposal and move as per recommended in the document. 

The proposal document was sent to TI in November for acceptance of our proposal and timeline. The Board of Directors met in early March 2017 to discuss the matter. 

The full document can be read here and while it is long, it is recommended you read it and understand the reasons for reformation and the impact it will have on District 72. Should you have any queries please contact me either by email – ipdd@toastmasters.org.nz or outside of business hours on 027 584 3700.

District 72 Reformation Report

Carol Mitchell DTM
Reformation Chair
25 March 2017


On 5 April 2017 we were advised by Toastmasters International that the Reformation proposal as requested has been given the go-ahead to proceed.

This means that as of the 1st July 2018, District 72 will continue in the South of New Zealand up to a line across the width of the country near Levin.  North of Levin will create a new District with a number yet to be advised by Toastmasters International.

More details will be released as they become available.

David Templeman DTM
District Director
5 April 2017