District Reformation

District 72 Realignment into continuing District 72 and new District 112 - PLEASE READ - SIGNIFICANT CHANGE IN TIME FRAME


The Reformation Realignment Committee, particularly co-chair Celina Templeman,  has put in a lot of work on the District realignment to date, and I thank them for it.

The plan was to present a proposed realignment to vote on at the November Semi Annual Council Meeting.  However, after much thought following a committee discussion, I have decided that the Realignment Proposal is far from complete and is not ready to be taken to the District Executive and District Council at the November Conference.   While it could be completed prior to the November meetings, the report would not be exposed until well after the 28 day deadline for publishing on the website and that would be too late to allow sufficient time for Members to read, consider and discuss the document fully.


A major reason for my decision is that I don't think the District as a whole has been properly communicated with.  While the draft report was placed on the District Website and there was an open comment period of three weeks, which was communicated to all Clubs,  I have recently been made aware that some Clubs did not realise this was happening until after submissions closed, and some Clubs only realised as recently as this past week.  


The Reformation Realignment Committee needs to put forward to the District Executive a report that is complete, unified and ready for the District Council to consider and vote on.  In order to allow the Committee to be able to do its job properly and effectively I have decided that the Realignment Report will be deferred until May 2018 District Executive and May 2018 District Council Meetings.   This will allow all Clubs and Members the opportunity to fully consider and discuss this realignment.


Therefore I make the following points below, proposing a new timeline with guidelines as to processes and due dates:


  1. A Notice of Motion will be proclaimed to the District Executive and the District Council in November detailing the basic outline of the two districts.

Current District 72 will reform to become continuing District 72 and new District 112. 

District 112 will comprise 8 new Divisions derived from the 6 current Divisions. District 72 will comprise 6 new Divisions derived from the 4 current Divisions. It will also detail the approximate boundaries of each new Division.


  1. Division Directors will hold a Division meeting to discuss the realignment of clubs into Areas within their Divisions.  The realignment criteria is as per the TI guidelines.  (Refer to Protocol 7.0 District Structure.)


  1. At the District Administration Meeting to be held on Saturday 3rd March & Sunday 4th March 2018, each Division Director will bring along their proposal and the Reformation Realignment Committee will spend the necessary time on Saturday going over this, compiling the Division proposals into one document.  On Sunday the 4th the Realignment Committee will finalise the draft report. 


  1. Once the draft report is completed, it will be sent to the District Statistician who will review each Division proposal to assess the ability to become Distinguished. 


  1. The Final Report setting out the proposed realignment will be published on the District 72 website on 30th March 2018.


  1. The District Executive will vote on the proposed realignment on Friday 4th May  2018 and put forward its recommendations to the current District 72 Council.  The proposed realignment will be realigning current District 72 into continuing District 72 and new District 112.  It is envisaged that there will be a separate motion for each Division in the two Districts, in order to progress the realignment and identify any pressure points.


  1. The current District 72 Council will vote on the full Realignment Document.  Please note that the full Realignment Document will include the details from the November meeting and confirm what was discussed at that time (if anything), and agreed to.



I am happy to discuss the above with any of you.


Three years ago District 72 voted to investigate reformation and a committee was formed at that time to research whether there was a need for this and District Council subsequently voted for this. 

During my team as District Director I requested permission from TI for our District to reform which was granted. A committee was then established with a representative from each Division and myself as a non-voting chair. The committees brief was to perform research and analysis based on our historical data, current trends within the country in terms of growth, population and economic factors. 

Once the research was completed a proposal was put to District that included a proposed line as to where the dividing line would be placed to make two districts and a timeline of when other actions would happen. The proposal was voted on at the November 2016 District conference by Council with the outcome being to accept the proposal and move as per recommended in the document. 

The proposal document was sent to TI in November for acceptance of our proposal and timeline. The Board of Directors met in early March 2017 to discuss the matter. 

The full document can be read here and while it is long, it is recommended you read it and understand the reasons for reformation and the impact it will have on District 72.

District 72 Reformation Report

Update on reformation plans

On 1 July 2018 District 72 will be split into two districts, and a new district (District 112) will be created to cover all the current clubs north of the Wellington regional boundary, and the existing District 72 will shrink to cover the Wellington region and the South Island.

This will provide easier management of what is currently a very large District in terms of clubs and members and provide more leadership opportunities for members to step into.

Reformation Committees - Scope and Membership

In order to ensure the Reformation of District 72 into Districts 72 and 112 proceeds smoothly the following three committees have been convened:

1.       District Alignment Committee

2.       District Procedures Review Committee

3.       Future Conferences Committee

Please refer to the scope, members and procedures document (215k) for information about the three committees.

Realignment Report released for feedback

Update 30 August 2017

As you are aware District 72 is in the process of reforming and will be reborn as District 72 and District 112 on the 1st of July 2018 with the dividing line as determined in the September 2016 District 72 Reformation Committee Report.

To this end we have three new committees working throughout this year to get the District ready for this reformation.  These are the District Alignment Committee, the District Procedures Review Committee and the Future Conferences Committee.

The District Alignment Committee (comprising the Programme Quality Directors, the District Director and the nine Division Directors) has produced a draft report of the proposed realignment into Districts 72 and 112. 

The procedure for the District Alignment Committee is as follows:

The committee will convene at the District Administration Meeting in July and work to realign the existing District 72 into continuing District 72 and new District 112.  A report with the proposal is to be published on the District 72 website by September 1st and will remain available until September 21st.  During this period Members may submit written comments to the Co-chairs for the Committee to consider.  The report will then be amended and published to the website with the rest of the papers for the District Executive Council and the District Council at the 2017 November Conference, where it will be presented and voted on to be enacted as of 1 July 2018.

The attached report is a draft that has been prepared following the District Administration Meeting in July.  It has been reviewed by the committee and further amendments have been offered – not all of which have been made due to the time constraint of the published timeline.

The draft report will be available for comment by any member or club until the close of day on 21st September.  Please address comments to the Programme Quality Directors and the District Director using  programquality@toastmasters.org.nz and director@toastmasters.org.nz

At that point all comments and suggestions will be reviewed and considered and a final report prepared to be taken to the District Executive Council and the District Council at the November Conference in Gisborne. This final report will be put on the website with the District Papers by the 14th of October, giving members and clubs sufficient time to review and consider prior to the District Council Meeting on the afternoon of Saturday 11th November 2017.

Draft Realignment Report 29 August 2017