Advanced Communication Manuals

This page lists the 15 Advanced Communication Manuals.  First-time recipients of the Competent Communicator Award receive two Advanced Manuals of their choice free. Toastmasters can also order these manuals separately from District Supplies, subject to availability.

Order Manuals from District Supplies

All Advanced Manuals are NZD$16.50.

The Entertaining Speaker (226A)

Speaking to Inform (226B)

Public Relations (226C)

Facilitating Discussion (226D)

Specialty Speeches (226E)

Speeches By Management (226F)

The Professional Speaker (226G)

Technical Presentations (226H)

Persuasive Speaking (226I)

Communicating on Video (226J)

Storytelling (226K)

Interpretive Reading (226L)

Interpersonal Communication (226M)

Special Occasion Speeches (226N)

Humorously Speaking (226O)

Advanced Manuals Library Set (226Z)

Price: NZD $160.00


Order Manuals from District Supplies