New Member Kits

This page describes the New Member Kits issued to new Toastmaster members.

All new members receive a kit

Every new member (not reinstated members) registered with Toastmasters International will receive a New Member Kit as part of their membership. 

These New Member Kits are sent on a weekly basis by the District 72 WHQ Supplies Officer to the Club postal address listed on the District 72 Club Directory.  They are then presented to the new member at the next club meeting.

New Member Kits themselves can not be ordered, but the manuals contained in a New Member Kit can be ordered individually from District Supplies. 

Contents of a New Member Kit

Competent Communication Manual (item 225).

Read about the Competent Communication Programme.

Competent Leadership Manual.

Competent Leadership Manual (item 265).

Read about the Competent Leadership Programme.

Free downloadable pamphlets

Effective Evaluation

Your Speaking Voice

Gestures: Your Body Speaks

Want to know more?

For enquiries about the distribution of New Member Kits, please email