"RUN THE RED" Speech Marathon

Auckland NEW ZEALAND, April 21 - 26, 2019 (please note revised dates)

Would you like to achieve that "Professional Speaker" project properly - or do you wish DTM stood for "Don't Time Me"? Now you can!

TI has given District 112 the GREEN light to RUN THE RED We also have a venue - the Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre, 58 Waipuna Road, AUCKLAND

In conjunction with Guinness World Records, Toastmasters plan to break the world record for public speaking, currently at 5 days 6 hours 28 minutes. Sounds like a job for Toastmasters!

This will be achieved by individual Toastmasters speaking as long as they like beyond a minimum of 7 minutes.

The Ultimate Team Event . . . some 400 Toastmasters in APRIL 2019 all heading for Auckland, New Zealand, to add to their personal success by successfully extending the Guinness World Record Speakathon beyond 5 ¼ days.


To comply with TI rules, Team District 112 will manage the project on behalf of Auckland Advanced Toastmasters. To make this work, we need YOU.

Speakers must be paid-up members of Toastmasters (of any District) at the time of speaking - but we need more than speakers. We need people to help with:

  • Sponsor Management 
  • Venue that can be available 24/7 for the required period In April 2019
  • Accommodation for those coming into Auckland, probably at the weekend
  • Finance 
  • Transport assistance for those coming into Auckland
  • Roster plan speakers
  • Independent Witnesses
  • Speaker Management
  • Recording and record keeping
  • Media

Venue location has been set - now we need offers of transport support for clubs outside of Auckland, accomodation support in willing Auckland Toastmaster's homes, plus cost effective accomodation in or near venue. To help with costs, sponsors are being sought. Any offers and ideas are welcome. Sponsors would get Publicity and also offers of Speechcraft for their staff at reduced or no cost.

Contact for further information is D112prm@toastmasters.org.nz

Please register me - I'd like to take part!

View the Application Guidelines provided by Guinness World records

Please feel free to distribute the flyer below or download from here!