"RUN THE RED" Speech Marathon

Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre, 58 Waipuna Road, 


April 21 - 26, 2019

On behalf of all Toastmasters, Auckland Advanced TMC has led a challange to the 


 . . . and we've done it!!

This was the Ultimate Team Event, over 150 Toastmasters showcased their skills by speaking one after another for as long as they liked!


Heartfelt thanks to all who took part:

The SPEAKERS - who came from all over the country to take part
The NIGHT BIRDS - and all those who spoke at times well out of their usual
The WITNESSES - who gave their time so generously
The PROVIDERS - who brought along treats that convinced us to keep going
The WAIPUNA - who provided a venue for six days when no-one else (that we could afford) would do so
The AUDIENCE - most of all those who helped keep us above 10 by staying or being available by phone

Thanks also to those who couldn't be there, but encouraged from where they were. IN SHORT, thanks to everyone for the tremendous spirit of co-operation that is alive and well at the heart of our mission as Toastmasters.

Now all we have to do is claim the record....... 


What's next?

First, sleep. Second, put the evidence together and send it off to Guinness - no mean task.

Third, give everyone the opportunity to view themselves online and share the link if they wish; the objective is that everyone who spoke should have the chance to get their work evaluated. With around 400 speeches, this may take a few weeks (four to six, possibly) but it will be done.

Fourth, produce a "Highlights" video for Toastmasters International that can be used for publicity purposes; everyone appearing will be asked for permission to use their image, as required by TI.


Finally - enjoy a few more glasses of the "sponsor's product"!

From the "Run the Red" team....

Thanks, everyone!