Toastmaster Events

This page describes several types of events held during the Toastmasters year.

Events for Toastmasters

Every year the District and Clubs organise a number of events for the benefit of Toastmasters. Some events are also open to non-Toastmasters.

Events include:

  • Club and District Officer training.
  • Annual Club, Area, Division and District contests.
  • Annual Division Conferences and District Conventions.
  • Division-sponsored Workshops and Seminars.
  • Special events such as club anniversaries, open meetings etc.

See our Events Calendar.

Club Leadership Training

Two Club Leadership Training sessions are held each year. Round 1 takes place between 1 June and 31 August. Round 2 takes place between 1 December and 28/29 February. Club Leadership Training is mandatory for Club Officers, but it is open for all Toastmasters. The Division organises the Club Leadership Training sessions. Contact your Division Director for more information.

These sessions cover topics such as the role of club officers, the Distinguished Club Programme, questions and answers about the operation of a club, how to market and promote the club and build membership, District and local news.

All club officers should attend, but at least 4 must attend to gain credit for Goal 9 on the Distinguished Club Programme.

District Officer Training

District Officer Training sessions are held each year in June, September, November, February and May. These training sessions are only for District Officers.

Speech Contests

Four official speech contests are held each year by Clubs:

  • Evaluation Speech Contest (March)
  • International Speech Contest (March)
  • Humorous Speech Contest (September)
  • Table Topics Contest (September)

The winners of the Club contests compete at the Area Speech Contests. The winners of the Area Contests compete at the Division Speech Contests. The winners of all Division Contests compete against each other for the title "Speech Champion of New Zealand" during the District 72 Convention held in May and November.

District Conventions

Toastmasters New Zealand holds two national Conventions each year, in May and November. These national Conventions mark highlights in the Toastmasters year. It is the time of year when Toastmasters from all over New Zealand come together. Each Convention features (amongst other events) District Business Meetings, workshops, educationals and the national Speech finals.

Workshops, seminars and special events

Toastmasters New Zealand also organises various workshops, seminars and special events throughout the year. Some of these events will be available for Toastmasters only, whilst others are also open for non-Toastmasters. 

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All District, Division and Area events are placed on the District Events Calendar.  Special club events can also be notified using the Add Event button on the calendar.

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