This page has news about Toastmasters activities around New Zealand and the world.

April 21 - 26 is "Run the Red" week - will you be there?

"Run the Red" is an attempt on the Guinness World Record for continuous public speaking. Or, its the opportunity to speak for as long as you like. Practice a keynote? Give a seminar? No problem - and its all happening in Auckland this April!

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TEDx - One Way Toastmasters Can Help

"You can't tell by looking that I'm...." 

In this fascinating talk titled "How to be normal (and why not to be)", Jolene Stockman takes us into the world of "Tangata Takiwatanga" (autistic people) and shows how Toastmasters has helped her decide what "normal" means for her. Jolene was "diagnosed" as an adult after years of trying to "fit in"; her decription of that process makes this an inspiring lesson for us all.

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Radio With Toastmasters

Sometimes we receive requests to provide members to work with other organisations. In a recent example, Radio NZ asked us to participate in Jim Mora's panel discussion on national radio. The topic was whether "students should be forced to speak in front of their class if frightened". You can read the article from The Atlantic that prompted this discussion here.

District 72 Public Relations Manger David O'Brien volunteered to comment on this discussion, and highlighted how Toastmasters could help fill gaps schools may have left in students' communication skills. 


More recently. Directories Officer Mike Diggins was asked to record an interview with Radio Rhema on the art of conversation and in particular the importance of "small talk". The focus was on conversation given the start of the "party season" in offices and around barbecues.