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District Appointments made since the Mosgeil Conference

Diane Isherwood, District Director Elect, has appointed Basil Moskovis as Club Growth Director for 2019/20.
The appointment will be ratified at the next District Executive Meeting and District Council Meeting.


A Message from your District Director

The text below was circulated on March 16, 2019 to all club Presidents in District 72:

 Yesterday, was a day that shocked Christchurch, along with the nation and the rest of the world. 

The actions of those whose misguided minds are not aligned with good values are indeed sad individuals, and especially when those actions affect the rest of society causing these heinous crimes. Thus New Zealand is yet again tossed amidst another tragedy.  However, the positive is that, like history has shown, we can draw strength  and help from each other.

This is a time to remember that family is not just those who we are related to by blood.  Toastmasters is a family that is here to support those in need – even if it just to listen to thoughts and emotional turmoil venting from this tragedy. 

My heart goes out to those affected, and I can only continue to feel shock and express the offer of assistance where required.  Please let me know if District 72 Toastmasters can be of any help to anybody in any capacity.  Toastmasters from around the world have forwarded their deepest shock and thoughts, also sending us their offers of assistance should any be required. 

I also urge that upcoming Toastmaster meetings around the District have themes that tend towards thanks, gratefulness, courage, resilience and/or dealing with tragedy and adversity.  I wholeheartedly believe that sharing can lighten the hearts burden, and ease the grip of the emotional turmoil that such tragedies stir within each of us.

As always, I am just a phone call/text away and ready to talk with you if needed.

Heartfelt regards

Celina Templeman


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