High Performance Leadership

This page describes the Toastmasters High Performance Leadership (HPL) Programme which offers a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills and learn by doing.

Three part learning process

The Toastmasters proven three-part learning process of study, action and feedback is used in a real-life project selected by you. 

The programme involves recruiting a Guidance Committee, studying the learning materials, selecting a project, working with your team to accomplish the goals, making presentations about the project, and receiving feedback and guidance. 

Your Guidance Committee members can be subject-matter experts, coaches, colleagues or even your manager; they do not have to be a Toastmaster. 

Your HPL project can be within or outside of Toastmasters, and should be about making a notable contribution to Toastmasters, your organisation, or your community.

Successfully completing an HPL project is a requirement towards achieving your Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) award.

What are some High Performance Leadership Projects Toastmasters have completed?

  • Organised a national Toastmasters event.
  • Set up a recurring storytelling workshop in the community.
  • Chaired a church rummage sale organising committee.
  • Promoted Toastmasters in local area through a variety of PR initiatives.
  • Developed a District Operations Manual.
  • Initiated one or several new Toastmaster Clubs.
  • Organised the development of a local skateboard park.
  • Organised several rounds of Club Leadership Training.
  • Organised a Club "Evaluation Boot Camp" event.
  • Set up a Civil Defence Readiness Unit.
  • Organised a university class reunion.

Links to More Resources

The best resource is to speak to a current Distinguished Toastmaster, to find out about the project they completed.  They may have some tips and ideas for you to consider.