Club Leadership Training

This page describes the Club Leadership Training opportunities available during the Toastmasters year.

Club leadership training dates

Toastmasters New Zealand offers Club Leadership Training (CLT) to train club officers for their duties.

Training sessions are held twice each year:

  • between 1 June and 31 August
  • between 1 November and before 1 March

In addition to the valuable training and advice that you receive, your participation in CLT helps your Club in the Distinguished Club Programme. A minimum of four officers must attend each session to gain DCP credit; however your club will get the best benefit if every Executive member attends.

Why two sessions?

The two sessions have different purposes and contain very different material. In the first half of the year, the focus is on what Executive members need to do and where they can find help in learning to do it. The second session focuses on helping both officers and their clubs get the best out of their Executive team, and how the team can get the best results for their members.

4 reasons why you should attend Club Leadership Training

  1. Your attendance will help your Club achieve a goal in the Distinguished Club Programme (DCP).  
  2. Find out what's going on in your Division and the District.
  3. Share your ideas and experiences (including about Pathways) with other club officers.
  4. Find Judges for your contests (best done during the mid-session break).

Links to More Resources

Club Leadership Training sessions are organised by each Division Team and published on our Events Calendar.

Events Calendar for District 72 


As an officer, you will have a Leadership Handbook; we suggest you also download a copy to allow you to use the many useful resource links it contains.

Download the Club Leadership handbook