Club Resources

This page has the Toastmasters NZ Club Resource Series, a range of downloads each focusing on a different area of a club, so that you can just use the ones that you need.

Promoting your club (or Toastmasters in general) takes resources – time, money and effort.  So before going down the promotion path, we look at the club and the other three components of the basic Marketing Approach: your product, the cost, and where you meet.

Getting the Club Ready for Growth

Icon File name Details
A1 Dynamic Clubs - The Five Questions How to establish and maintain a dynamic Toastmasters club.
A2 The Club Meeting What are we promoting?  A list of meeting standards common in successful Toastmasters clubs.
A3 What do the members think? A presentation from Toastmasters International, for the members of the club to give feedback on all areas of the club operation.
A4 The cost of membership What does it cost, and how to keep this cost reasonable.
A5 The club venue Does the club venue work?  Does the venue affect guest numbers?

Club Promotional Material

Icon File name Details
B1 Promoting your club What geographical area should you concentrate your promotional activities in?
B2 Members bringing Guests The most effective way to grow the club.  Techniques for members to invite guests.
B3 Press releases Have a presence in your local media.
B4 Promotional methods The range of promotional methods available to a club.
B5 Social media Using social media to promote Toastmasters and for sharing views and information within Toastmasters.
B6 Promoting Corporate Clubs Specific promotional techniques for corporate Toastmasters clubs.
B7 Major Promotional campaigns Ideas for timing your major membership projects.
B8 The Membership Project How to plan and implement a major membership growth project - the three VPs working together.
B9 Community Club Open Meeting A PowerPoint presentation for a guest event.  This must be customised to your club especially the members cost page.
B10 How Confident A good general use poster
B11 New Year New You (Swan) A poster to use in January and February
B12 New Year New You (Tiger) An alternative poster to use in January and February
B13 Brochure D72 A good general use poster
B14 Do you talk A poster more orientated to younger people in the workplace
B15 Stay ahead of the pack A poster more orientated towards Community clubs with a corporate market
B16 I think I need A fun poster which makes a point
B17 Unhappy A fun poster which makes a point
B18-1 Make your point A good general use poster
B18-2 Toastmasters is the answer A good general use poster
B19-1 New to the area A good general use poster - good for areas with new residents
B19-2 What TM can do 4 you A good general use poster

The Club First Aid Kit

Sometimes the Moments of Truth modules or something else will highlight a need or something to address.  These are a series of suggestions in each of the Moments of Truth areas.

M1 Moments of Truth - First Impressions
M2 Moments of Truth - New Member Orientation
M3 Moments of Truth - Fellowship, Variety and Communication
M4 Moments of Truth - Programme Planning and Meeting Organisation
M5 Moments of Truth - Membership Strength (to come)
M6 Moments of Truth - Recognising Accomplishments (to come)

This material has been compiled by Murray Coutts DTM, 2010-11 Lieutenant Governor Marketing, from a range of Toastmasters Sources in variousToastmasters Districts for use by Toastmasters Clubs.  The names "Toastmasters International", "Toastmasters" and the Toastmasters International trademarks are protected in the United States, Canada and other countries where Toastmasters clubs exist.