Toastmasters Club Dues Renewals

This page explains how to renew Toastmasters memberships (or dues renewals).  

All Toastmasters renew their Toastmasters club membership twice a year - in March and September.

The dues are:

  • Membership Dues: $US90 annually, $45US payable every six months
  • New Member Fee: $20US

Instructions for Toastmasters

As a Toastmaster, you have only one thing to do - write your cheque (or print your internet banking proof of payment) for your club dues and hand it to your Club Treasurer promptly with your invoice.  

Instructions for Club Treasurers

Complete these 3 easy steps collecting dues renewals and submitting them to Toastmasters International.  Completion of dues renewals achieves Goal 10 on the Club Distinguished Club Programme.

  1. Send out invoices for your Club dues to every club member during February/March or August/September - the earlier the better.
  2. Receive and write a receipt for all payments, and bank the payments into your club bank account, or check your club's bank statement for online payments.
  3. Obtain a copy of your dues renewal membership list from the Toastmasters International Web site. You will be able to submit renewals online using your personal login and password (see instructions below).

Important notes for processing membership payments using a credit card:

To submit renewals online, simply Login using your personal username and password. The Login button is on the top line of the screen, in the middle.

  • Click on the Leadership Central link on the main menu, then choose "Club Central" (middle left of page).
  • Select your club by name, then choose "Submit Payment".
  • Under Conduct Club Business, click on the option Pay Dues.
  • Once on this page, simply select the default option of "in the future." This will pull up all orders with a future membership end date.
  • Select the members you wish to pay for and follow the prompts to submit payment.  Make sure you have your credit card handy.
  • Print the transaction email when it arrives and file it with your club accounts for reimbursement

Minimum renewal numbers

To remain a club in good standing a minimum of eight members' dues must be paid to Toastmasters International by due date.  Of the eight, three must be renewing.

Deadline for paying dues

The deadline for paying dues is 1 April and 1 October each year.

If you have any questions, please contact Member Services at Toastmasters International on email

If you have lost your password, this can be obtained from the same login page by following the "Forgot password" link shown on the page. Club Dues Renewal payments update on the Toastmasters International website daily.

File the following in your club files:

  • Copy of Dues Renewal form printed from the Toastmasters Website.
  • Copy of credit card statement.

Achieve Goal 10!

By completing the steps listed above correctly and on time, your club will achieve part of Goal 10 in the Distinguished Club Programme, and your club members will continue to receive "The Toastmaster" magazine delivered to their letterbox every month.

Want to know more?

For more information or enquiries, please email your District's Club Growth Director on or