New Member Applications

This page outlines the process for lodging new member applications with Toastmasters International.

Instructions for Clubs

All new members of a club, whether New, Transfer, Reinstatement, or Dual, must fill in an official Toastmasters Application for Membership. This form must be signed (by hand or electronically) by both the new member and a Club Officer, and the new member should affirm they have read and understood the Agreement, Release and Promise information on  page 2 of the form. The promise does not have to be read in detail at the induction ceremony, but should be referred to.

The new member also has the opportunity to  nominate the person who they consider had the most influence in their joining; that person is their sponsor and receives membership building credit for their sponsorship.

Toastmaster Fees:

  • Membership Dues: $90US annually, $45US payable every six months (effective October 1, 2016)
  • New Member Fee: $20US

Online submission: 

An authorised club officer must login to the World Headquarters website using their personal login and password to process new member applications directly.  Payment of fees can only be made by credit card.  This can be a club member's credit card, or the club's credit card if one is available.  Retain the signed Membership form in the club records.

Want to know more?

Email your District's Club Growth Director on or