The New Zealand Club Finder

This section has information about why and how clubs keep their information up to date.

Why Have a New Zealand version?

This is a reasonable question, given that Toastmasters International provides a perfectly good Club Finder on its website. This will show you where all the local clubs are - but how do you get people to visit YOUR club?

Simple - use the local Club Finder to promote yourself. If a guest tells you they "found the club on the website", there is a good chance that they mean the NZ Club Finder. Each year, the site has around 10,000 views individual club pages by guests. They see what is not on the TI site - summaries of your club's culture and what they can expect. What they see is up to you.

What Does the NZ Club Finder Give You?

  • Every club has a page on the NZ Club Finder - this can happen even before you charter.
  • Every club has a public email address at, which serves to protect member's private addresses. You control who receives mail sent to that address
  • There are sections where you can describe your club's meeting and tell visitors why you are proud to be a member of this particular club
  • Any officer can keep the club's information up to date
  • All information is protected on a secure database, yet available to every member
  • Every member has a login account, which allows you to download a Directory for the entire country (a replacement for the previous "Printable Directories"), including District Officers
  • The club's address includes Pathways Base Camp Managers; this allows you to use it at World Headquarters for notification of level completions, etc., without compromising its use for club marketing

How Do I Get Started?

You  need two things; your membership number and the email address you gave to Toastmasters. If you have changed that, you can click here to check your address, and align the local one with WHQ if you wish. The NZ Finder uses the local address.

Click the link below to go to the Finder's home page, and log in using the panel on the right. You can find video tutorials if you need them here. All the editing features or on the "Members' Menu", which you will see after you log in.

What you see depends on your access. Club Officers will see the Club Editor, Directors Managers will see additional options - but everyone can download the District Directory.


Who can I ask If I Get Stuck?

Typically, the hardest part is getting started with an unfamiliar screen; in this, there is no difference between the NZ Club Finder, Club Central, and Pathways. There is plenty of help available.

Your Area Directors have been specifically trained in the use of the Club Finder, or you can contact Evaluation of what worked for you and what could be improved is always warmly welcomed, and there is always room for ideas on improvements and additional features.

The Club Finder is not easily covered in Leadership Training, but you can always set up demonstration sessions during Area Council meetings, or arrange for a video conference with your Directories Officer. Zoom (avialable from is the preferred way of doing this as it allows screen sharing, and is easy to set up and use.

However, the main thing is to ask questions; start with your Club's President or VP Education.