Alf Baker Cup

This page explains the District 72 Alf Baker Cup for the Best Club Bulletin.


Club Bulletins will be judged on how well they help fulfil the Club's Mission. Specifically, the bulletins should help the Club achieve goals related to educational completions, Club Officer training and membership growth. The club bulletin may be distributed in either electronic (PDF) or hardcopy form.

Award entries: 

Award entries must be received with a cover letter and the judging form by the Immediate Past District Director by 30 August (extended to 30 October 2016) and include:

  • Three different issues of the club bulletin from the previous Toastmasters year, individually dated (issue numbers are insufficient), submitted in electronic form.
  • The award entry and each submitted issue must clearly identify the club and the name and contact details of the editor, who must be a member in good standing.
  • Bulletins should be composed primarily of original Club generated material of educational value. When articles or other items are reprinted from other sources, a credit line should be included. The judges reserve the right to disqualify any entry not resembling a bulletin. For example, one page meeting schedules or lists of speakers will be considered fliers and do not qualify for this contest.


All Club bulletins are judged on the criteria, specified below. Judging is by the previous year's District Director, Programme Quality Director, Club Growth Director and Public Relations Manager with the PRM being the Chief Judge.


Gain Recognition

There are two Competent Leadership Projects where helping to produce a Club Bulletin is involved:

  • Project 6 - Help produce the club newsletter by practising planning, preparation and organisation skills, and assist with the production of the newsletter.
  • Project 10 - Serve as Club Newsletter Editor by practising planning, preparation, organisation and team-building skills, and serve as the newsletter editor.
  • Newsletters can be in printed form or published on the club website.