District 72 Retention and Membership Award

This page describes the District 72 Retention and Membership Award.

Net Membership growth is essential for the viability of the District. A key aspect is retention of current members so that they can gain maximum benefit from the Toastmasters education system. This award is made to the Division which excelled in both membership growth and membership retention.

The award is judged based on the final Toastmasters International results for June and is judged on a point basis.

  • Two points are gained for every 0.1% net increase in the Division's membership during the Toastmasters year. A net decrease results in a negative score for that category.
  • The remaining points are the Divisions overall annual membership retention rate (1% retention = 1 point - rounded down). [Retention formula is membership as at 30 June divided by the sum of: membership as at 1 July and total new members for the year].