Doris Moore Memorial Award

This page explains the District 72 Doris Moore Memorial Award and lists the current and previous winners.  The Award has now been retired and is no longer awarded.

The Doris Moore Memorial Award was presented to the longest serving active District 72 Toastmasters attending any District convention.

Previous Recipients

  • May 2014:  Rob Julian (Ohariu Toastmasters, Capital Toastmasters)
  • November 2013: Rob Julian (Ohariu Toastmasters, Capital Toastmasters)
  • May 2013: Rob Julian (Ohariu Toastmasters, Capital Toastmasters)
  • November 2012: Jim Lichtwark (Lower Waikato Toastmasters)
  • May 2012: David Gore (Hastings Toastmasters)
  • November 2011: David Gore (Hastings Toastmasters)
  • May 2011: Brian Morris (Silver Service)
  • November 2010: Geoff Moss (Wellington Toastmasters)
  • May 2009: Neil McInness (Waikanae Toastmasters)
  • November 2008: Rob Hendy (Hastings Toastmasters)
  • May 2008: David Gore (Hastings Toastmasters)