District Leadership


District 72 is now seeking nominations for the 2020/2021 District Leadership Roles.  These roles are:

  • District Director
  • Program Quality Director
  • Club Growth Director
  • Public Relations Manager 
  • Division C Director
  • Division D Director
  • Division E Director
  • Division G Director
  • Division H Director
  • Division J Director 

Please read the District Leadership Handbook and the District Leader Competencies document to find out more about the role you are interested in.  I highly recommend that you talk to the current role holders, especially in the case of Division Directors.  For the other 4 roles, please feel free to call me and I will arrange a time to talk with you regarding the role which you are interested in. 

The Nomination period is from Monday 18th November 2019, with nominations closing Friday 24th January 2020.   

You can nominate yourself, and if you know that someone else is applying for a role, please do not let this stop you from submitting your nomination.  Toastmasters Rules state that the District Leadership Committee should have a minimum of 2 candidates for Club Growth Director, Public Relations Manager and each Division Director position, with a minimum of 1 candidate for both District Director and Program Quality Director 

Finally, and most importantly, all Candidates (including floor candidates) must have been interviewed by the District Leadership Committee within this Toastmasters calendar year (2019/2020).  This is part of the new updated rules from Toastmasters International.  Call me if you need further information on these, if you are intending on becoming a Floor Candidate. 

Candidate timeline

  • Monday 18th November 2019 – District 72 Nominations open
  • Friday 24th January 2020 midnight (12am) – District 72 Nominations close
  • Wednesday 5th February 2020 – Candidate Interviews commence (note that candidates will be given a minimum of approximately 4-7 days notice – so candidates are requested to be prepared)
  • Friday 28th February 2020 – Candidate Interviews finish.
  • Friday 20th March 2020 – Candidates will have been advised by this date (At the latest) if they were successful and will be requested to supply a photo along with a short bio for the final DLC report and website.
  • Friday 8th May 2020 – All Candidates are requested to be at the Candidate Showcase to be held (guesstimated in the evening).  6 minutes for all candidates which will include their closing statement.
  • Saturday 9th May 2020 – All Candidates attend the District Council meeting.  Candidates for contested positions will be asked to give a short 2 minute speech selling themselves to the voters.

In order for your nomination to be accepted you are required to submit the District Leader Nomination FormCandidate Application form along with the District Leader Agreement Release form no later than the nominations closing date of midnight on Friday 24th January 2020.

All Candidate nominations/submissions are to be emailed to celinatempleman@outlook.com with a subject line of "Candidate Nomination".


Areas Directors requested


Your District needs you to step up, stretch your boundaries and continue to build your confidence along the way to helping other clubs and achieving your DTM in the process.

Being an Area Director can be fun, and full of networking opportunities.  Talk to your local Area Director, or feel free to call me.


I you are interested in becoming one of the Districts important links, please complete the Nomination form and Officer Agreement Release Form below.  Please email these forms as soon as possible to the Diane Isherwood, District 72 Director at director.d72@toastmasters.org.nz  


More information can be found on this leaflet.


Celina Templeman

District Leadership Committee Chair

District 72 New Zealand

Phone 027 8792169 or email: celinatempleman@outlook.com


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Updated 20 November 2019