District Officer Nominations

Nominations are now open until Friday 5th February 2021 (revised from 15 January 2021) for the following District Senior Officer positions:

  • District 72 Director 
  • Programme Quality Director D72
  • Club Growth Director D72
  • Public Relations Manager D72
  • Division C Director
  • Division D Director
  • Division E Director
  • Division G Director
  • Division H Director
  • Division J Director
  • All Area Director positions

Note: Some Areas will likely be disestablished/changed due to realignment.
All above positions are elected except Area Directors. Area Directors are appointed by the District Director.
Finance Manager and Administration Manager are appointed by the incoming District Director. 
Please address all questions to District Leadership Committee Chair, Esther Haines

Role Information 

The responsibilities of District Officers are summarised here.
The District Leader Handbook is the go-to guide for District Officers.
This Area Director Guide has an excellent outline of the role requirements.
The best source of information may be a present or past District Officer. All current District Officers are contactable below.

Nomination Process

Check eligibility on the District Leader Qualifications and Responsibilities form.
Complete a District Leader Nominating Form. You may nominate yourself or another member.
Complete a District Leader Agreement and Release Statement
Complete a District Leader Biographical Information Form
Email the THREE completed forms to the District Leadership Committee Chair, Esther Haines.
All candidates for elected positions, including floor candidates, are required to be interviewed. 
Interviews will be conducted in February.
Elections are conducted and appointments announced at the Annual District Council Meeting in May. 

Current District Officer list

District Leadership Team
District Director Rob Woolley
Programme Quality Director David O'Brien
Club Growth Director
Kathryn Duncan
Public Relations Manager Tianyuan Qu
Administration Manager Erin Daldry
Finance Manager Philip Smith
Division Directors
Division C Director Simon Greig
Division D Director Brad Grootelaar
Division E Director Lisa Wheeler
Division G Director Judy Love
Division H Director Owen Winter
Division J Director Mary Clarke
Area Directors
Area C1 Director Graeme Hunt
Area C2 Director Andrew McGregor
Area C3 Director Pauline Payne
Area C4 Director Kayleen Gilder
Area D1 Director Peter Stikkelman
Area D2 Director Matthew Jordan
Area D3 Director Richard Taylor
Area D4 Director Clare Law
Area D5 Director Judith Snelling
Area E1 Director Mary Jaksch
Area E3 Director Bryan Harrison
Area E5 Director Nic van Irsel
Area E6 Director Melissa Wong
Area G1 Director Zeena Khan
Area G2 Director Erin Rose
Area G3 Director Susanne Krejcek
Area G4 Director Anthony Fletcher
Area G5 Director Lydia Johnston
Area H1 Director Glen Pearce
Area H2 Director Kath Cherrie
Area H3 Director Glen Pearce
Area H4 Director Mike McKee
Area J1 Director Pauline Cook
Area J2 Director Gary Nicholson
Area J3 Director Carol Wald
Area J4 Director Genevieve McLachlan
Area J5 Director Rose Wyse

All District Officers are contactable.
Feel free to ask them questions about the practice and benefits of each role.