Advanced Communication Legacy Programme

This page outlines the Toastmasters Advanced Communication Programme designed to extend and challenge you in a variety of situations.

15 manuals, 5 speeches

The Toastmasters Advanced Communication Programme consists of 15 manuals, each containing five speech projects. Each manual helps members further develop speaking skills and offers practical experience in handling a variety of speaking situations. This programme has been superceded by Pathways with effect from December 2017, however awards under it will still be available until mid-2020.

You'll learn how to master many situations you may encounter in your daily work, in business with customers and clients, with managers or colleagues, and with people in the community, friends and family.


Timings in the Advanced Communication Manuals listed below range from 3 to 30 minutes. Some examples are the Special Occasions "Mastering the Toast" speech, 3 minutes, to the Professional Speaker presentations of 30 to 40 minutes. Most are usually 5-7, 6-8, or 8-10 minutes. Some include Question and Answer sessions after the speech, or setup - speech - question and answer sessions, or feedback from the audience.

Advanced Manuals

  1. Speaking to Inform

    Cover of Speaking to Inform advanced manual.

    The projects in this manual will help you give informative and interesting speeches. Topics covered include the demonstration talk, the fact-finding report, the abstract concept and resources for informing. Ideal for people in the workplace who have to give regular presentations to colleagues and clients. An excellent first manual for the advanced speaker.

  2. Special Occasion Speeches

    Cover of Special Occasions Advanced Manual.

    This manual is for those people who have to give a wedding speech, make a presentation, or a farewell speech. It provides instruction in giving toasts, speaking in praise, "roasting" someone, and presenting and accepting awards. This manual allows you to personalise your speeches and use life stories. An ideal manual to work through early in your advanced speaking career - especially if you have to give a speech of that type.

  3. Technical Presentations

    Cover of Technical Presentations Advanced Manual.

    The projects in this manual will help you prepare and present briefings, proposals, technical papers and technical team presentations. An ideal manual for people in technical roles in the workplace to learn about working with audiences.

  4. Public Relations

    Cover of Public Relations Advanced Manual.

    This complete guide to preparing and delivering the public relations speeches will help you develop resources and techniques, "speak under fire", and handle the media talk. A wonderful manual for people in customer-facing situations.

  5. Speeches by Management

    Cover of Speeches by Management Advanced Manual.

    This practical manual is ideal for those people in a management situation in the workplace, helping you successfully handle a variety of speaking situations. Subjects covered include briefings, technical speeches, motivational talks and confrontations.

  6. Specialty Speeches

    Cover of Specialty Speeches Advanced Manual.

    Speakers must be able to speak in many situations and this challenging manual will help you. Types of speeches covered include impromptu speeches, sales presentations, introductions, inspirational speeches, and oral interpretations.

  7. Facilitating Discussion

    Cover of Facilitating Discussion Advanced Manual.

    This manual offers guidance in presenting workshop and conference presentations. Role-playing and problem-solving sessions are also covered. This manual is a must for managers, trainers, teachers and administrators.

  8. Persuasive Speaking

    Cover of the Persuasive Speaking Manual.

    Can you influence and persuade others to accept your ideas, products or services?  This manual has projects covering selling a product, making "cold calls", preparing a winning proposal, convincing an audience to consider your side of a controversial issue, and persuading your audience to help bring a vision and mission to reality.  This manual is ideal for managers, salespeople and customer service representatives.

  9. The Entertaining Speaker

    Cover of The Entertaining Speaker Advanced Manual.

    This manual includes valuable information on how to give an entertaining or dramatic speech, where to find material, how to make an audience laugh, and what to do when you're asked to speak after dinner. It also distinguishes entertainment and drama from humour, by encouraging the use of all three. A fun and entertaining manual for you and your audience, and a great foundation manual for the Advanced programme!

  10. The Professional Speaker

    Cover of The Professional Speaker Advanced Manual. 

    Professional speakers can give a variety of presentations to many audiences.  This manual offers guidance in preparing and presenting a keynote address, an entertaining speech, a sales training speech, a seminar, and a motivational speech.  It also includes information about marketing yourself as a professional speaker.

  11. Communicating on Video

    Cover of Communicating on Video Advanced Manual.

    Video presentations require special preparation and attention to details. With this manual you'll learn to how to present an editorial, appear as a guest on an interview programme, host an interview, conduct a press conference and use video to train others.  This is a fun manual to work through in the club environment using a video camera.  You can then review your performance in privacy, or use the video for club evaluations and training.

  12. Storytelling

    Cover of the Storytelling Advanced Manual.

    This is an enjoyable manual for the advanced speaker, because everyone loves a story. Types of stories covered in this manual include the folk tale, a personal story, stories with morals, the touching story, and the historical story. You'll need to research your material carefully, but the scope is endless! Once you have completed this, you will understand the value of stories in any speech type.

  13. Interpretive Reading

    Cover of the Interpretive Reading Advanced Manual.

    This manual will help you develop your interpretive reading skills, not something you would do every day! The projects include presenting stories, poetry, monodramas, plays and oratorical speeches. A challenging manual which requires you to source interesting and unusual material. This manual is a great opportunity to learn to express yourself by interpreting the works of others. Like Storytelling, it is addictive; if you enjoy and understand it, you will want to keep doing projects from it.

  14. Interpersonal Communication

    Topics covered include conversing with ease, negotiating, handling criticism, coaching someone to improved performance, and expressing dissatisfaction effectively. Another ideal manual for people in the workplace or community. You'll need to involve other people when completing some of the projects in this manual. If you are interested in mentoring, you will want to do this manual.

  15. Humorously Speaking

    Cover of the Humorously Speaking Advanced Manual.

    Audiences love to laugh! This manual challenges you, but also shows you how to use humorous stories and jokes throughout your speech to grab and keep your listeners' attention and illustrate your points. You also learn how to give an entirely humorous speech. An excellent manual to try out ideas and practice for the Humorous Speech Contests - and also to learn the value of humour in public speaking.

Gain recognition

Completing two of these manuals earns you the Advanced Communicator Bronze Award.

You'll receive two free manuals of your choice on first completion of the Competent Communicator Award.

At least six manuals need to be completed, along with other requirements, to achieve the Advanced Communicator Gold Award.

You can purchase any other Advanced Manual from District Supplies.

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