Better Speaker Series

This page describes the Toastmasters Better Speaker Series of modules which you can present to your Club for educational purposes.

10 minute educational modules

The Better Speaker Series.

The Better Speaker Series is a set of 10 minute educational modules on speech preparation and presentation that you can present to your Club. 

All modules, as well as the set, are available for download from the Toastmasters Store at Downloads are free of charge.

Modules available are:

  • Beginning your Speech - suggestions for starting off right.
  • Concluding your Speech - tips for ending your speech with power.
  • Take the Terror Out of a Talk - techniques for overcoming nervousness when speaking.
  • Impromptu Speaking - how to speak off the cuff.
  • Selecting your Topic - ideas for speech topics.
  • Know your Audience - how to relate to your audience.
  • Organising your Speech - know what to say and how to say it.
  • Creating an Introduction - great introductions should precede great speeches.
  • Preparation and Practice - techniques for preparing and rehearsing your next speech.
  • Using Body Language - explains how to use facial expressions, gestures, and body movement to enhance a speech.

Gain recognition

Completing any two programs from the Better Speaker Series completes one of the requirements of the Advanced Communicator Silver Award.

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