Leadership Excellence Series

This page describes the Toastmasters Leadership Excellence Series, based around building better leaders.

Building better leaders 

The Leadership Excellence Series.

All modules, as well as the set, are available for download from the Toastmasters Store at www.toastmasters.org. Downloads are free of charge.

The Leadership Excellence Series is a series based around building leaders for tomorrow. These modules are ideal for Area Directors to present to clubs when doing their club visits.  Modules available include:

  • The Visionary Leader - discusses how leaders create and communicate a vision for their organisation to help it be successful.
  • Developing a Mission - addresses how successful leaders create and communicate a mission.
  • Values and Leadership - examines values and how to employ them as you lead a team toward achieving a goal.
  • Goal Setting and Planning - reviews the processes leaders use to set goals and develop plans to achieve these goals.
  • Delegate to Empower - discusses how to effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities.
  • Building a Team - reviews how to create and lead a team.
  • Giving Effective Feedback - provides succestions for offering feedback to others on their performance.
  • The Leader as a Coach - discusses how to work with a team to help them improve.
  • Motivating People - examines how to be sensitive to your team members' needs and create an environment that will motivate them.
  • Service and Leadership - discusses how leaders actually serve team members.
  • Resolving Conflict - reviews why conflict occurs and what a leader can do when it happens.

Gain recognition

Presenting any two of these modules completes one of the requirements of the Advanced Leader Bronze Award.

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