Pathways Learning Experience

This page is a summary of material to help you get started with Pathways, including resources to help you choose your learning path. For more information, please go to, and follow the Pathways link. Although there is a good publicly-available overview of the programme,  you will need to sign on to your Toastmasters account in order to use Pathways.

Pathways Resources

Pathways consists of "Learning Paths", and each path has its own set of projects. All members can choose at least one free path; while TI has a lot of information about doing this, several Districts, including our own, have published resources aimed at minimising the amount of reading while deciding which path to choose.

Links to those resources are below. If you discover Pathways material (apart from that on which you find useful and would like to share, please email the link to All links open in new windows or tabs.


Links to more information

If you would like to read more about Pathways, follow the link below to the Pathways webpages on the TI website, or sign into your Toastmasters account and explore "Base Camp".