Advanced Educational Series

This page describes the Toastmasters Success/Leadership and Success/Communication Series of educational modules you can present in your club, organisation or community. 

For more information, please see the booklet Expanding Your Horizons.

Learn valuable communication and leadership skills

You can learn valuable communication and leadership skills by conducting or participating in these modules. Each module or seminar can be conducted within the Club for members' education or outside of the Club, in your organisation, or in the community to build goodwill.

Success/Leadership Modules

Success/Leadership modules available are:

  • How to conduct Productive Meetings
  • Parliamentary Procedure in Action
  • Leadership, Part I: Characteristics of Effective Leaders
  • Leadership, Part II: Developing your Leadership Skills
  • Leadership, Part III: Working in the Team Environment
  • Improving your Management Skills

Success/Communication Modules

Success/Communication modules available are:

  • Running a Speechcraft Course
  • How to Listen Effectively
  • The Art of Effective Evaluation
  • Building your Thinking Power, Part I: Mental Flexibility
  • Building your Thinking Power, Part II: The Power of Ideas
  • From Speaker to Trainer  

Gain recognition

Completion of one of the Success/Leadership or Success/Communication modules is one of the requirements for the Advanced Communicator Gold Award.

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