Club Clinics

This page has a description of Club Clinics and how they work to help build Toastmaster Club membership.

Toastmasters New Zealand is committed to building new clubs. A fundamental component of the Mission of the District is to "extend the network of clubs".

Club clinics are powerful and effective methods of identifying where new clubs can be established, and rebuilding weak ones. Toastmasters International statistics show that nearly half of all new clubs in recent years have been formed in companies and organisations. Toastmasters International now has approximately 332,000 members in 15,400 clubs in 135 countries worldwide.

How Club Clinics work

Club clinics:

  • Help maximise club growth by
    • Identifying urban and rural centres containing prospective community clubs
    • Identifying centres where corporate or specialty clubs may be established
  • Facilitate new club formation by
    • Identifying and training prospective Sponsors and Mentors of new clubs
    • Providing publicity and organisational materials to Toastmasters involved in building new clubs
    • Promoting a climate for growth throughout the two Districts (72 and 112) that make up Toastmasters New Zealand
  • Facilitate rebuilding of weak clubs by
    • Identifying and training Toastmasters for appointment as Club Specialists
    • Providing suitable materials and guidance to members involved in rebuilding clubs

Find out how to start a new club

Toastmasters International has resources to help you find out how to start a new club.

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