PR Toolbox

This page contains the District 72 PR Toolbox for intermediate Toastmasters.

The PR Toolbox aims to guide you through the wealth of material that is available on the Toastmasters New Zealand website, the Toastmasters International website and otherwise. This part of the Toolbox is aimed at intermediate Toastmasters. To view other parts of the Toolbox, please refer to the Toolbox Page.

Target Audience: intermediate Toastmaster
Purpose of this material: Encourage Toastmasters to continue improving their communication and leadership skills.

If you wish to make any comments or add more material to the PR Toolbox, please contact

Item Tools and Resources Description Where to find?
7b Features, Benefits and Value Chart A membership and club growth chart to illustrate how the Toastmasters programme benefits individuals, corporates and employees. FBV Chart
2d Education Programme / Advanced Communication Series After receiving CC recognition, refine and enhance your speaking skills and become eligible for:
  • Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB)
  • Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS)
  • Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG)
Communication Track
3d Education Programme / Advanced Leadership Series After earning the CL award you can further refine and develop your leadership skills by working in the advanced leader programme on:
  • Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB)
  • Advanced Leader Silver (ALS).
Leadership Track 
4d Toastmasters Magazine A monthly publication that explores the topics of leadership and communication Toastmasters Magazine 
5d The District Leadership Handbook Having experienced how the Toastmaster programme works, perhaps you would like to put your newfound skills into action. Why not familiarize yourself with what club roles or roles within the District exist that will not only extend your communication and leadership skills but also your network of friends. Leadership Central
6d Speech Contests Contests are a Toastmaster tradition. But you don't just have to be a contestant. You can also take part behind the scenes and become a judge, tally counter, and so much more while ensuring that your Toastmaster experience is that much more enriched. Speech Contests

7d Additional speaking resources If you would like to carry out a role within your club, use this guideline to help you carry out any role within the club to your best ability. Public Speaking Tips
8d District 72 News News from the District Leadership team. District 72 News
9d Club Leadership Training If you want to get more involved with Toastmasters, this is the perfect opportunity to come network with other like-minded Toastmasters, and find out how you can make a difference while also learning so much more about the TM programme. Leadership Central
10d Other special Toastmaster events Toastmasters also provide many opportunities outside of your Club to speak, network and learn in front of a range of many audiences while visiting different venues. See what else is on offer here. District 72 Events Calendar (opens in new window)
11d Speechcraft Courses If you would like to improve your speaking skills and help influence a range of newcomers to the Toastmaster programme, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. These courses offer an introduction to public speaking, and run for 6-8 weeks.  Find out how you can help while also working to complete your manuals if you are lucky enough to speak. Speechcraft Courses (opens in new window)
12d Youth Leadership courses If mentoring our young people is more your cup of tea it's worth checking out this option that can either be conducted for schools, or community youth groups. Youth Leadership Programme (opens in new window)