PR Toolbox

This page contains the District 72 PR Toolbox for News Media.

The PR Toolbox aims to guide you through the wealth of material that is available on the District 72 website, the Toastmasters International website and otherwise. This part of the Toolbox is aimed at Toastmasters endeavouring to contact News Media. To view other parts of the Toolbox, please refer to the Toolbox Page.

Target Audience: News Media
Purpose of this material: useful material that will help to increase awareness about the Toastmaster programme

If you wish to make any comments or add more material to the PR Toolbox, please contact

Item Tools and Resources Description Where to find?
2b Promotional Advertisement Promote the Toastmasters programme in your local newspaper, newsletter or kitchen wall at work Promotional Advertisement about Toastmasters (36 Kb PDF, opens in new window)
2g Press Release Templates
  • Anniversary
  • Blank
  • Chartered Club
  • Contests
  • General Promotion
  • Open House
  • District Humorous Speech Winner 2011/12
  • District Contests and Prior Notice of Convention
  • Media Guidelines
  • NZ Photo release
Anniversary Template (885 Kb DOC, opens in new window)

Blank Template (878 Kb DOC, opens in new window)

Chartered Club Template 1 (880 Kb DOC, opens in new window)

Chartered Club Template 2 (878 Kb DOC, opens in new window)

General Promotion Template (880 Kb DOC, opens in new window)

Open House Template (886 Kb DOC, opens in new window)

Do & Don't

Media Guidelines (51 Kb PDF, opens in new window)

NZ Photo Release (46 Kb PDF, opens in new window)
3g Publicity Calendar This will determine when and how you can promote your club. Developing a PR Calendar (opens in new window)
4g Social Networking Will help you find out how your Club, Area or Division becomes more visible across the Web. Social Networking (opens in new window)
5g Sample News Releases A variety of fill-in-the-blank news releases are available for you to download. PR Corner (opens in new window)
6g Marketing/PR Newsletter The M/PR Newsletter is a quarterly international publication providing valuable tips and ideas that will support you in achieving your club's and district's goals. PR Corner (opens in new window)
7g Media Centre A one-stop source for information about the organisation. It includes organisational news releases, news coverage, an electronic media kit and a multimedia library with access to the Toastmasters official podcast, photos and videos (including PSAs). PR Corner (opens in new window)
8g Let the World Know: Publicity & Promotion Handbook A public relations handbook that is a do-it-yourself guide for letting the world know about your Toastmasters club. Publicity and Promotion Handbook (PDF, opens in new window)
9g Brand Portal Your convenient resource for brand information. Here you can download logos, graphic elements, stationery, photos, marketing materials, club and district website design guidelines and other resources for your club and district. Brand Portal (opens in new window)
10g e-Learning Modules A new tool for Club Officers, it begins with an overview of a Toastmasters Club and then covers topics such as the Distinguished Club Programme, the Toastmasters education programme and the structure of the organisation. Brand Portal (opens in new window)