This page contains the District 72 PR Toolbox for Executive Officers.

The PR Toolbox aims to guide you through the wealth of material that is available on the District 72 website, the Toastmasters International website and otherwise. This part of the Toolbox is aimed at Toastmasters in an Executive Officer role. To view other parts of the Toolbox, please refer to the Toolbox Page.

Target Audience: Executive Officers
Purpose of this material: Inform those who take office what resources will help them to carry out their roles effectively.

If you wish to make any comments or add more material to the PR Toolbox, please contact

Item Tools and Resources Description Where to find?
1f Meeting Documents Documents relating to the Executive Committee and District Council Meetings are available here. District Executive Meeting Documents (opens in new window)
2f Coaching or Mentoring roles If you are enthusiastic and committed to helping others obtain their leadership and communication goals check out this information. Coaching (opens in new window)

Mentoring (opens in new window)
3f Accredited Speaker Programme If you wish to aspire to become an accredited speaker who provides over 25 public presentations to non-Toastmaster audiences, consider looking into this option which will certainly challenge all of your learnings to date. Accredited Speaker Programme (opens in new window)
4f District Leadership Handbook This handbook is your one-stop shop for most of your district needs. It contains a variety of success strategies for districts ranging from managing district finances to planning a conference. Leader Toolkit (opens in new window)
5f Policies, Protocol and Bylaws If you want to extend your knowledge about policies, protocol and bylaws, you can access the complete policies and procedures of Toastmasters International, including the District Administrative Bylaws. Leader Toolkit (opens in new window)