This page contains the District 72 PR Toolbox for potential Toastmasters.

The PR Toolbox aims to guide you through the wealth of material that is available on the District 72 website, the Toastmasters International website and otherwise. This part of the Toolbox is aimed at potential Toastmasters. To view other parts of the Toolbox, please refer to the Toolbox Page.

Target Audience: Potential Toastmaster
Purpose of this material: To promote the benefits of Toastmasters to anyone wanting to join Toastmasters

If you wish to make any comments or add more material to the PR Toolbox, please contact

# Tools and Resources Description Where to find?
1b Introduction to Toastmasters A powerpoint presentation that explains the benefits of setting up a community toastmaster club. Introduction to Toastmasters (732 Kb ZIP, opens in new window)
2b Promotional advertisement Promote the Toastmasters programme in your local newspaper, newsletter or kitchen wall at work. Promotional Advertisement about Toastmasters (36 Kb PDF, opens in new window)
3b Frequently Asked Questions about Toastmasters Most commonly asked questions about the Toastmaster programme. Toastmasters FAQ (62 Kb PDF, opens in new window)
4b NZ Fact Sheet Some brief facts about Toastmasters in New Zealand or District 72. Link to Interesting Statistics (opens in new window)
5b District 72 Newsletter Is a monthly publications that promotes topics of leadership and communication. Link to the District Newsletter (opens in new window)
6b Toastmasters Magazine A monthly publication that explores the topics of leadership and communication Link to Toastmasters Magazine (opens in new window)
7b Features, Benefits and Value Chart A membership and club growth chart to illustrate how the Toastmasters programme benefits individuals, corporates and employees. Link to Toastmasters Magazine (opens in new window)