Magazine Heading Subject Category Article Title Issue Author Author 2 Author 3 Author 4
Magazine Heading Subject Category Article Title Issue Author 1 Author 2 Author 3 Author 4
Personal Growth Personal Attributes Communicating With Children Apr-1984
Club Meetings Educational Program 100,100th CTM Certificate Awarded Apr-1984
Communication Club Management Publicizing Toastmasters-A Do-It-Yourself Guide Apr-1984
Humor Speech Development Humour – A Stress Release Mechanism Apr-1984
Viewpoint Toastmasters International Drive It or Park It Apr-1984
Leadership Awards Dr. Charles W. Jarvis to Receive Apr-1984
Presentation Skills Speech Development The Power of Questions Apr-1984
Club Meetings Club Meetings Managing Small Meetings Apr-1984
Communication Relationships Reach for the Carrot (Joe Conley) Apr-1984
Leadership Leadership My Boss Is a JERK Apr-1984
Humor Speech Development Just for Laughs-What to do When the Jokes Fail Apr-1984
Club Meetings Club Meetings Threshold Effect-Transforming Guests to Members Apr-1985
Tech Topics Technology Tape – and Shape Up! Apr-1985
Club Meetings Club Membership Fly High in Formation Apr-1985
Communication Club Management Club Presidents Spark the Fire Apr-1985
Personal Growth Emotions Cultivate Enthusiasm Apr-1985
Presentation Skills Speeches Toastmasters is TV Hit Apr-1985
Club Meetings Club Membership Turn the Tables on Prospects Apr-1985
Communication Club Management The Good of Order Apr-1985
Communication Club Management Put Your Club in the Black Apr-1985
Presentation Skills Speech Development Cultivating the Hybrid Speech Apr-1986
Humor Speech Development Attention:Joking May be Humorous to Your Health Apr-1986
Personal Growth Emotions A Prescription for Burnout Apr-1986
Personal Growth Emotions Fan The Flame Before It Fades Apr-1986
Communication Club Management Your Club Can Make Headlines Apr-1986
Communication Club Management Create Lively Publicity Fliers Apr-1986
Presentation Skills The Good of Order A Time to Review and Renew Apr-1986
Humor Speech Development National Humour Month:A Laughing Matter Apr-1986
Presentation Skills Body Language Animate to Stimulate Apr-1986
Humor Speech Development Turning Sour Grapes into Vintage Wine Apr-1986
Communication Communication A Toastmaster’s Passages Apr-1986
Personal Growth Personal Attributes Test Your Quirks Apr-1987
Presentation Skills Audiences Picture Yourself – With Friends Apr-1987
Club Meetings Club Meetings Battling – The Red Baron Apr-1987
Presentation Skills Speech Development Make a Mark With Your Questions Apr-1987
Topical Tips Resources Did You Know Apr-1987
Personal Growth Personal Attributes Toastmaster Temperaments Apr-1987
Topical Tips Resources Idea Corner Apr-1987
Personal Growth Speech Environment Lurking Quirks Apr-1987
Membership/Club Building Club Building Say – Yes To What’s Best Apr-1987
Personal Growth Speaker Development Go Out and Speak Up Apr-1987
Communication Communication Profile of a Communicator Apr-1988
Club Meetings Club Meetings When You Conduct a Meeting Apr-1988
Humor Speech Development Spice Your Meetings With Comic Relief Apr-1988
Communication Club Management Preside With Pride Apr-1988
Presentation Skills Audiences Speaker’s Nightmare:The Out-of-Control Audience Apr-1988
Club Meetings Educational Program Meetings of Champions Apr-1988
Presentation Skills Speech Development The Art of Introductions Apr-1988
Club Meetings Club Meetings Make Meetings Meaningful Apr-1988
Club Meetings Club Meetings Shipshape Chairmanship Apr-1988
Tech Topics Technology Audiovisual Checklist Apr-1988
Presentation Skills Speech Development Open Your Speech With Pizzazz Apr-1989
Language/Speech Writing Working With Words Don’t Be Guilty of Doublespeak Apr-1989
Manner of Speaking Vocal Variety The Key to Effective Speechwriting Apr-1989
Communication Communication Reset Your Communication Radar Apr-1989
Club Meetings Club Meetings Program your Meetings Apr-1989
Manner of Speaking Vocal Variety Keep Your Voice in Tune Apr-1989
Presentation Skills Training Turning Speaking Skills into Training Programs Apr-1989
Leadership Leadership The Leadership Challenge Apr-1990
Topical Tips Resources Toastmasters Recruit Members at Fair Apr-1990
Presentation Skills Speech Development Pick a Topic...Any Topic Apr-1990
Presentation Skills Audiences Connecting With Your Audience Apr-1990
Personal Growth Emotions Speak Out! Fight Back! Apr-1990
Humor Speech Development Humour Should Look Easy, but be Difficult Apr-1990
Language/Speech Writing Writing Psychologically Speaking Apr-1990
Personal Growth Personal Attributes The Charismatic Speaker Apr-1990
Personal Growth Goal Setting TMs Achieve Goal of Visiting All 50 States in US Apr-1990
Topical Tips Resources The Case of the Shadowy Statistic Apr-1990
Presentation Skills Speech Development Take it From a Good Liar Apr-1990
Personal Growth Speech Environment What Does Your Desk Say About You? Apr-1991
Personal Growth Personal Attributes Awaken Your Creativity Apr-1991
Personal Growth Personal Attributes The Spouse In the Toastmasters House Apr-1991
Personal Growth Speech Environment Turn Your Desk Into a Self-Cleaning Oven Apr-1991
Communication Club Management I’m So Confused! Apr-1991
Presentation Skills Speech Development The Sentimental Journey Apr-1991
Personal Growth Personal Attributes Are You Fit to Speak? Apr-1991
TI Info District Organisation Experience True Southern Comfort in Atlanta 1991 Apr-1991
Communication Communication Communication is More Than the Hide of a Bull Apr-1991
Topical Tips Resources Making Spare Time Count Apr-1991
Presentation Skills Body Language Master the Silent Signals Apr-1991
Presentation Skills Training Youth Leadership for Native Americans Apr-1991
Language/Speech Writing Writing Building A Better Speech Apr-1992
Club Meetings Evaluations What About Bob? Apr-1992
Language/Speech Writing Writing Effective Letter Writing Apr-1992
Club Meetings Club Meetings The One-Minute Toastmaster Apr-1992
Humor Speech Development Humor Belongs In the Workplace Apr-1992
TI Info District Organisation Politics? In Toastmasters? Apr-1992
TI Info District Organisation The Toastmasters Way To Play – Las Vegas Apr-1992
Club Meetings Club Membership Women Take A Stand Apr-1992
Language/Speech Writing Writing From Good Speaking To Better Writing Apr-1992
TI Info Toastmasters International TI History at a Glance Apr-1993
TI Info Resources The Toastmaster Turns 60 Apr-1993
Communication Club Management A Nifty Nominating Idea Apr-1993
Club Meetings Club Membership We Hold These Truths Apr-1993
Communication Club Management Adding Energy and Ecstacy to Club Elections Apr-1993
Club Meetings Club Membership The Famous Toastmasters Points Apr-1993
Club Meetings Educational Program The Evolution of Toastmasters Education Apr-1993
Club Meetings Club Membership Lending a Helping Hand Apr-1993
Presentation Skills Body Language You’ve Got to be Believed to be Heard Apr-1993
Personal Growth Speaker Development Tips from the Bard: Shakespeare on Speaking Apr-1994 Thomas Leech
Presentation Skills Speech Development Collecting The Drops Apr-1994 David Andrick CTM
Membership/Club Building Training Make a U-Turn With Speechcraft Apr-1994 Susan Jane White ATM-S
How to Training Sparkle Up Your Speechcraft Apr-1994 Marshall C. Lewis ATM
Presentation Skills Training Bring New Members on Board with Speechcraft Apr-1994 Stan Stubbs ATM
Tech Topics Legal Copyright Primer Apr-1994 Ellen M. Kozak
Communication Communication Learning to Listen Apr-1994 Joanne Sherman
Personal Growth Speech Environment Loud & Clear Apr-1994 Tom Gibson CTM
My Turn Speeches How's Your Club’s Culture? Apr-1994 Ted Wood DTM
Presentation Skills Speech Development What is Fair Use? Apr-1995 Ellen M. Kozak
Club Meetings Clubs Conquering Club Conflict Apr-1995 Charles A. Jones CTM
How to Emotions The Five A’s of Handling Angry People Apr-1995 Jean Gatz
Club Meetings Club Meetings Once a Week is Not Enough Apr-1995 George Myles ATM
Presentation Skills Speech Development Avoiding Plagiarism Can Be as Easy As ABC Apr-1995 Ellen M. Kozak
Communication Relationships How to Handle Confrontation Apr-1995 Mary Anne Davitt CTM
Personal Growth Emotions The Art of Complimenting Apr-1995 William F. O'Dell
My Turn Emotions Public Speaking is the #1 Fear? Hogwash! Apr-1995 Rick Gilbert
TI Info District Organisation California Dreamin’ in San Diego Apr-1995 Staff
Personal Growth Emotions Don’t Put a Dent in My Compliment Apr-1995 Joanne Sherman
Club Meetings Clubs Talking on Vacation Apr-1995 M. Mary Mettee CTM
Presentation Skills Speech Development Dead on Arrival Apr-1996 Mike Ryan Jr CTM
TI Info District Organisation Meet Us In St. Louis Apr-1996 Staff
Presentation Skills Speeches The Importance of saying “I’m Sorry" Apr-1996 Patrick Mott
Personal Growth Emotions Speak Up, Please Apr-1996 Leslie Bamford CTM
Personal Growth Emotions Practice “Big-Ticket” Generosity Apr-1996 Victor M. Parachin
How to Goal Setting Turn Awards into Action Plans Apr-1996 Shawn L. Tapley CTM
Topical Tips Resources Your Greatest Rescource Apr-1996 Steve Wicke CTM Janet Whitcomb CTM
My Turn Club Membership Old Dogs, New Tricks Apr-1996 Edward D. Bankey CTM
Presentation Skills Speeches Seven Secrets of a Successful Speech Apr-1996 Marjorie Brody
Communication Club Management Write Your Own Promotional Articles Apr-1996 Joe A. Holmes ATM
Communication Club Management Banking On Toastmasters Apr-1997 Staff
Presentation Skills Speeches Developing “The Gifts of the Moment” Apr-1997 Steven L. Reagles ATM
How to Speeches The Art of Contrived Improvisation Apr-1997 William H. Stevenson III ATM
Humor Speaker Development Sinking at the Bar Mitzvah Apr-1997 Marcel Strigberger
Membership/Club Building Clubs How to Start a Company Club Apr-1997 Joyice A. Powell CTM
Membership/Club Building Club Building 24 Easy Ways to Increase Your Club Membership Apr-1997 Patricia L. Fry CTM
Presentation Skills Audiences Toastmasters, Know Your Audience Apr-1997 Cindy Podurgal Chambers ATM
TI Info District Organisation Toatmasters And All That Jazz Apr-1997 Staff
Topical Tips Speech Development Early Harvest Apr-1997 Mark Majcher ATM
My Turn Body Language Saved By a Cartoon Apr-1997 George Torok CTM
How to Club Management When Speaking Fears Happen Apr-1998 Susan Jane White ATM-S
My Turn Speeches Let’s Give Speeches By the Book Apr-1998 Jim Barshop DTM
Manner of Speaking Working With Words Say It Again, Sam Apr-1998 Gary Muldoon CTM
TI Info District Organisation Fun In The California Sun Apr-1998 Staff
Presentation Skills Speeches Try Giving a Team Speech Apr-1998 Carl N. Rentschler ATM
Club Meetings Club Membership Nurture Your Club Relationship Apr-1998 Patricia L. Fry CTM
Presentation Skills Speeches Stuck in Rut? Try The EPOD Resolution for Creating a speech Apr-1998 Dave Yoho
Communication Club Management Train of Thought Apr-1998 Kathleen Wiacek CTM
Communication Relationships The Power of Three Little Words Apr-1998 Victor M. Parachin
Manner of Speaking Vocal Variety Add Punch with a Pause Apr-1998 Gary Michael Ph.D
Topical Tips Speech Development Toastmasters: Phone Home Apr-1998 Mark Majcher ATM
TI Info Toastmasters International Celebrating 75 Years of Success! Apr-1999 Staff
Leadership Leadership Exploring the TI Leadership Path Apr-1999 Patricia L. Fry CTM
Club Meetings Educational Program The CTM-Leaving Blues Apr-1999 Frank Jackson CTM
Language/Speech Writing Writing Easy Shortcuts to Better Speeches Apr-1999 William L. Hennefrund
Presentation Skills Speeches The Eye of the Camera Apr-1999 Melanie Zimmer CTM
Club Meetings Educational Program New Distinguished Club Program Apr-1999 Staff
Membership/Club Building Club Building New Clubs: New Challenges and Benefits Apr-1999 Betty Wund ATM
Communication Club Management Toastmasters in Colorful Tutus Apr-1999 Mary Maloney Cronin
Club Meetings Club Membership The Dynamics of Membership Apr-1999 Maryjo Bartsch M.S.
My Turn Speeches Meeting the Tamada Apr-1999 John Stiner CTM
Membership/Club Building Club Building A Recipe for Promoting Your Club Apr-2000 Darin Smyth Ph.D, ATM
Communication Resources Use It Or Lose It Apr-2000 Tina Salloun CTM
Club Meetings Evaluations Evaluating the Accomplished Speaker Apr-2000 Jo-Anne McDowell DTM Robertt McDowell DTM
Communication Resources Surviving the Time Crunch Apr-2000 Staff
Club Meetings Evaluations Composing Constructive Criticism Apr-2000 James Hillen
Communication Club Membership Member Survey Says … Apr-2000 Staff
TI Info District Organisation And Away We Go… Apr-2000 Staff
Presentation Skills Speech Development Fending Off Murphy Apr-2000 William L. Hennefrund
Club Meetings Evaluations How To Evaluate an Ice Breaker Speech Apr-2000 Peter V. Radlick ATM-S
Personal Growth Body Language If You Are Having a Good Time, Tell Your Face Apr-2000 John E. Kinde DTM
Communication Communication Public Speaking in the Information Age Apr-2000 Shelia Spencer ATM-S
Language/Speech Writing Speech Development A Lesson From Lawyers Apr-2001 Keith Scott Grossman CTM
Speaking Techniques Personal Attributes Your Presentation Personality Apr-2001 Jo Ann Kirby
Membership/Club Building Club Building Success 101 Apr-2001 Larry Welch DTM
Humor Emotions Laughter in the Workplace Apr-2001 Barbara Marquand
Personal Growth Relationships Toastmasters to the Rescue! How to Excel in any Social Situation Apr-2001 Linda Meehan
Club Meetings Technology Your Best Evaluator – You! Apr-2001 Arlo W. Runniger ATM
Club Meetings Club Meetings General Evaluator Checklist Apr-2001 John Gupta
Miscellaneous Evaluations The Winning R.A.T.I.O. Apr-2001 Michael Drake
Miscellaneous Speech Environment Creating the Right Meeting Climate Apr-2001 Beverly Barnhart
Language/Speech Writing Working With Words The Case for Short Words Apr-2001 Richard Lederer Ph.D
Topical Tips Speech Development Don’t Just Think About it – Do It Apr-2001 Mark Majcher ATM
TI Info District Organisation Anaheim: A California Adventure Apr-2001 Staff
Famous Speakers Role Models Harry Truman: The Plain-Spoken President Apr-2002 Christie Scotty
Communication Communication The Key to Listening Apr-2002 John Igwebuike Ph.D, CTM
TI Info District Organisation San Antonio: A Revolutionary Experience! Apr-2002 Staff
Communication Relationships He Said, She Said Apr-2002 John Cadley
TI Info Resources Whatcha Think? Apr-2002 Ken Tangen Ph.D
Humor Writing A Profession of Martyrs Apr-2002 Eugene Finerman
Tech Topics Emotions E-Wars … Nobody Wins Apr-2002 Susan Niven
Tech Topics Speech Development Emulate the Greats Apr-2002 George Nigro ATM-S
Personal Growth Relationships I Was Wrong! Apr-2002 Kai Rambow DTM
Humor Speech Development Defusing the Bomb Apr-2003 Jason Love
Presentation Skills Personal Attributes An Actress Looks at Public Speaking Apr-2003 Ellen Walcutt ATM-B
Presentation Skills Authenticity, Being Yours Bringing Out the Actor Within Apr-2003 Dave Zielinski
Presentation Skills Emotions The Fear of Frying Apr-2003 John Tillison ATM-B
Manner of Speaking Speech Development Think When We Talk Apr-2003 Michael Landrum ATM-B
Presentation Skills Emotions Even Pros Get Stage Fright Apr-2003 Max D. Isaacson
Language/Speech Writing Speeches How to Write a Political Speech Apr-2003 Brian D. Day CTM
My Turn Training The Wind Beneath Our Wings Apr-2003 Al Vopata Ph.D, DTM
TI Info TI Info Atlanta – Experience True Southern Fun Apr-2003 Staff
Presentation Skills Audiences Oh No! Not Audience Participation! Apr-2004 Dave Zielinski
Presentation Skills Audiences To Get Them on Board, Get Them Involved Apr-2004 Dave Zielinski
Presentation Skills Emotions Intuitively Speaking Apr-2004 Patricia L. Fry ATM-B
Manner of Speaking Goal Setting Care, Dare, Prepare Apr-2004 Valerie Merahn
Presentation Skills Speeches Inspire Any Audience Apr-2004 Mike Pierron
How to Relationships The Power to Persuade Apr-2004 Stephen D. Boyd Ph.D
Communication Communication Listen Completely Apr-2004 Fred Riviera CTM
Language/Speech Writing Working With Words Our Abounding English Language Apr-2004 Richard Lederer Ph.D
TI Info TI Info Plan for Big Fun in Reno! Apr-2004 Staff
My Turn Speaker Development The Cash Value of Toastmasters Skills Apr-2004 Colin William ATM-B
Communication Communication When you E-mail World Headquarters Apr-2005 Staff
How to Club Management Get Blogging Apr-2005 Barbara K. Adamski CTM
Personal Growth Technology The Dos and Don’ts of Online Etiquette Apr-2005 Lin Grensing-Pophal
Tech Topics Technology Mind Your Online Manners Apr-2005 Barbara K. Adamski CTM
Tech Topics Technology 10 Netiquette Tips Apr-2005 Barbara K. Adamski CTM
Language/Speech Writing Working With Words Slang as It is Slung Apr-2005 Richard Lederer Ph.D
Language/Speech Writing Working With Words The Armory of the Mind Apr-2005 Valerie Mutton
Tech Topics Communication Keeping E-Mail in Top Form Apr-2005 Reid Goldsborough
Humor Communication E-Mail Snubs Apr-2005 Jason Love
My Turn Speeches What Makes a Great Speech? Apr-2005 E. Corinne Byrd CTM
TI Info District Organisation Toronto: A World Within a City Apr-2005 Staff
Toastmaster Profiles Disability Where the Blind Lead the Blind – to Success! Apr-2005 Craig A. Harrison DTM
Language/Speech Writing Working With Words Say Touché to Clichés Apr-2005 John Cadley
Toastmaster Profiles Working With Words Learning to Think in English Apr-2006 Julie Bawden-Davis
Toastmaster Profiles Disability TI’s Policy on Members with Disabilities Apr-2006 Staff
Manner of Speaking Speeches Lessons from Oscar Apr-2006 Gene Perret
Personal Growth Goal Setting I Did It Anyway Apr-2006 Kathleen Wesselink ATM-B
Personal Growth Club Meetings Conquer the Table Topics Phobia Apr-2006 Rajiv Ramaratnam ATM-G
How to Disability Speaking to a Diverse Audience Apr-2006 Laura Gillson ATM
Personal Growth Taking the Terror out of Talk Overcoming Nervousness as a Learning-Disabled Person Apr-2006 Robert Ward ATM-B
Language/Speech Writing Writing The 3 Biggest Speechwriting Mistakes Apr-2006 David Garfinkel
Personal Growth Disability Learning from Each Other Apr-2006 Barbara K. Adamski CTM
Personal Growth Extrovert/Introvert Are You an Extrovert or Introvert? Apr-2006 Shelia Spencer DTM
My Turn Emotions Competent or Confident? Apr-2006 Frank S. Adamo ATM-S
Communication Communication The Fear of Public Speaking: 20 Ways to Get Over it! Apr-2006 Joann M. McCabe ATM-S
Tech Topics Technology Want a Club Web Site? Use FreeToastHost.org Apr-2006 Staff
Tech Topics Technology Make Your Web Site Your Best PR Tool Apr-2006 Sylvia Wilson CL
My Turn Personal Attributes A Question of Manners – It’s OK to Thank or Apologize Apr-2007 Margaret Page CL
Communication Writing Confessions of a Freelance Speechwriter Apr-2007 Colin Moorehouse
Language/Speech Writing Speech Development Look Before You Leap in Front of an Audience Apr-2007 Dan Naden CTM
TI Info Toastmasters International Everyone is Talking Apr-2007 Staff
Language/Speech Writing Speeches 5 Sure-Fire Tips for Great Speeches Apr-2007 Patricia Fripp CSP, CPAE
Communication Club Management We’ve Heard Your Call! Apr-2007 Staff
Presentation Skills Speeches Introducing The Public Speaking iGroop Apr-2007 Advertisement
Toastmaster Profiles Technology Wow ’Em Like Steve Jobs Apr-2007 Carmine Gallo
News from TI Events District 30 Hosts Thanksgiving Parade Apr-2007 Kim Taylor CC
Presentation Skills Training Toastmasters at McGraw-Hill Apr-2007 Staff
Manner of Speaking Audiences Speaking to an All­Women Audience… When You’re a Man Apr-2008 Neil Chethik
My Turn Goal Setting Don’t wake up too soon – why you should compete in contests Apr-2008 David Brooks DTM
Language/Speech Writing Speaker Development Dare to be different – Experimenting with creative s Apr-2008 Birgit Starmanns
Toastmaster Profiles Disability Finding her voice again – Toastmasters helps one Apr-2008 Ron Palermo DTM
Personal Growth Training Be a non-stop learning machine – why feeding your Apr-2008 Shawn Doyle ACB
Communication Body Language Who am I now – you are what you wear Apr-2008 Karen Hudson CL
Club Meetings Club Meetings Mastering Table Topics Apr-2008 Bob Lea ACS, CL
Board of Directors Toastmasters International TI Board Report: Planning TI’s Future Apr-2008 Staff
Humor Speech Development Campaign comedy – how politicians use humor Apr-2008 Gene Perret
TI Info TI Info Everyone is Talking About the International Convention Apr-2009 Staff
TI Info TI Info Global Representation & Support Articles Apr-2009 Staff
Humor Humor Aristotle, Syllogistically Speaking Apr-2009 John Cadley
Toastmaster Profiles Toastmaster Profiles Giving Hope to the Homeless Apr-2009 Julie Bawden-Davis
Presentation Skills Presentation Skills How to Handle a Heckler Apr-2009 Frank King Jan McInnis
Presentation Skills Presentation Skills The Equation for Persuasion Apr-2009 John Coleman
Presentation Skills Presentation Skills Lessons from the Ancient Greeks Apr-2009 Robert Oliver
Communication Communication When Table Topics are Real Apr-2009 Florence Ferreira ACB, CL
Communication Communication Disarm Them With Debate Skills Apr-2009 Dave Zielinski
Tech Topics Tech Topics Shrinking Your World Apr-2010 Jeff Bailey
Tech Topics Tech Topics The Evolution of the Teleprompter Apr-2010 Dave Zielinski
Tech Topics Tech Topics Lights! Camera! Action! Apr-2010 Carmine Gallo
Presentation Skills Speech Development Tactical PowerPoint Apr-2010 Christopher Witt
Presentation Skills Speech Development What is Pecha Kucha? Apr-2010 Sunny Marie Hackman ACB, CL
Presentation Skills Speech Development Master the Teleconference Apr-2010 Jason Kent ACB
Toastmaster Profiles Toastmasters Profiles Reaching Rare Heights Apr-2010 Paul Sterman
Tech Topics Tech Topics Link by Link and Tweet by Tweet Apr-2010 John Zimmer
Humor Humor The Chances are Remote Apr-2010 John Cadley
Tech Topics Tech Topics How Is Your Social Media Etiquette? Apr-2010 Tamar Weinberg
Toastmaster Profiles Toastmasters Profiles “I’ll Take Toastmasters for $2,000!” Apr-2010 Julie Bawden-Davis
Presentation Skills Speech Development Say Goodbye to the Stage Fright Blues Apr-2011 Lesley Stephenson ACG, CL
Personal Growth Personal Growth Know Thy Fear Apr-2011 Matt Abrahams
Presentation Skills Speech Development Stress Test Your Speaking Skills Apr-2011 Nathan Magnuson CC, M.A
Presentation Skills Speech Development Unleash the Power of Three Apr-2011 Fred Domnick DTM
Leadership Leadership Climbing the Corporate Ladder Apr-2011 Patricia Fripp CSP, CPAE
Manner of Speaking Vocal Variety So Shy! Apr-2011 Amanda Jaucian Balneg ACB
Toastmaster Profiles Role Models 101-Year-Old Speaks of Life Lessons Apr-2011 Arlyene Dews
Toastmaster Profiles Role Models Dinner Club Celebrates Eating and Oratory Apr-2011 Nigel Blackwell ACB, ALB
My Turn My Turn Have Faith in Your Voice Apr-2011 Ben Decker
How to How to Fill Those Club Roles! Apr-2011 Robert A. Richert DTM
Humor Funny You Should Say That How a Pitch Winds Up Apr-2011 John Cadley
TI Info About TI What’s the Scoop on Your Group? Apr-2011 Staff
Communication Communication Professional Travelers Apr-2012 Beth Blair
Communication Communication You’re Speaking About What?! Apr-2012 Ruth Nasrullah CC
Looking at Language Looking at Language Satire, Irony and Sarcasm Apr-2012 Jenny Baranick
Humor Funny You Should Say That Medieval Thinking Apr-2012 John Cadley
Presentation Skills Speech Development Showing School Spirit Apr-2012 Ralinda Harvey
How To How To Xin Chào! Apr-2012 George Hamilton Main ACS, ALB
Toastmaster Profiles Relationships Mark Robinson, CC: Helping the Underdog Apr-2012 Julie Bawden-Davis
Q&A Q&A Dana LaMon: No Limitations Apr-2012 Staff
My Turn My Turn Long-Distance Leadership Apr-2012 Roger Killen ACB, ALS
TI Info About TI Take Control of Table Topics Apr-2012 Russell Isaacson
Looking at Language Looking at Language The Defining Test for New Words Apr-2013 Patrick Mott
My Turn My Turn My Mother, Myself Apr-2013 Christine A. Robinson DTM
Communication Communication The Power of Cultural References Apr-2013 John Lente ACS, ALB
Communication Communication It’s a Good Idea—Why Don’t You Get It? Apr-2013 Michael LeFan
Communication Communication Recycle Your Content Apr-2013 Nicole Sweeney Etter CL
Toastmaster Profiles Relationships Christina Thomas: A Native Voice Amplified Apr-2013 Nataly Kelly
Looking at Language Looking at Language Of Bilingualism and Bravery Apr-2013 Dick Bourgeois-Doyle CC
Looking at Language Looking at Language Grammar Faux Pas Reconsidered Apr-2013 Jenny Baranick
How To How To Keep Your Club Green Apr-2013 Carl Duivenvoorden DTM
Leadership Leadership The Softer Side of Leadership Apr-2013 Gary Burnison
Toastmaster Profiles Relationships Embracing Multiculturalism Apr-2013 Pierre-Andrew Rheault CC, CL
Humor Funny You Should Say That Crazy as a Loon Apr-2013 John Cadley
Club Meetings Club Meetings Viva La Différence in Club Meetings! Apr-2014 Jennifer L. Blanck DTM
Communication Evaluations Tips for Improvement (Evaluations) Apr-2014 James Clark DTM
Language/Speech Writing Working With Words The Benefits of Being Bilingual Apr-2014 Denise Graveline
Humor Speech Development Vaccination Reservations Apr-2014 John Cadley
My Turn Speaker Development From Tragedy to Triumph Apr-2014 Sephora Pierre-Louis DTM
Viewpoint Communication Cross-cultural Communication Apr-2014 George Yen DTM
TI Info Toastmasters International Show Off Your Club Video! Apr-2014 Staff
Communication Communication Q&A: Speaking from the Heart Apr-2014 Shurooq AlBanna
Club Meetings Club Meetings Taking the Pulse of Your Club Apr-2014 Craig A. Harrison DTM
Language/Speech Writing Working With Words Presenting in Your Second Language Apr-2014 Denise Graveline
How to Speech Development Flubs, Flops and Solutions Apr-2014 Colleen Plimpton ACB, CL
Communication Evaluations Do You Dread Receiving an Evaluation? Apr-2014 James Clark DTM
Contests Contests Best of 2014 Club Videos Apr-2015 Staff
Humor Club Meetings I Miss Meetings Apr-2015 John Cadley
Viewpoint Leadership The Dark Side of Leadership Apr-2015 Mohammed Murad DTM
TI Info Toastmasters International The Toastmaster Turns 82! Apr-2015 Staff
Q&A Role Models Roy Sheppard: Comfortable With Chaos Apr-2015 Julie Bos
Communication Relationships A New Twist on Table Topics Apr-2015 Valerie Watt DTM
Leadership Leadership Push Yourself with High Performance Leadership Apr-2015 John Lente DTM
Communication Relationships Do You Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands? Apr-2015 Terri Morrison
Presentation Skills Speaker Development How to Moderate a Panel Discussion Apr-2015 Kristin Arnold
My Turn Speaker Development Coming To America Apr-2015 Scarlett Xu
Diversity Relationships Breaking Language Barriers Apr-2016 Dean Foster
My Turn Personal Development My Cross-Cultural Experience April-2016 Marzieh Ghiasi ACB, ALB
Member Profile Personal Development It's Go, Go, Go April-2016 Mitch Mirkin CTM
How To Successful Meetings It's time for Plan B - Brainstorming April-2016 Craig Harrison DTM, PDG
Leadership Personal Development Compassionate Leadership April-2016 Jimmy Thai DTM
Family Profile Personal A Family Affair April-2016 Melanie D G Kaplan
Club Leadership Club Leadership Finish Strong, how to beat club officer burnout April-2016 Maureen Zappala DTM
Communication Language Breaking Language Barriers - Top 10 Tips for connecting with anyone in the world April-2016 Dean Foster
Funny you should say that Humour Yeah, but ... My continuing struggle to keep the “yeah” and lose the “but.” April-2016 John Cadley
Humor Speech Development Just for Laughs-Love Your Audience Aug-1984
Personal Growth Personal Attributes You Can Get Organized! (Time, Ideas, Goals) Aug-1984
Personal Growth Goal Setting I’ve Made Up My Mind ... I Think Aug-1984
Humor Speech Development Humour Is Easy Aug-1984
Viewpoint Toastmasters International These People are Rich Aug-1984
Topical Tips Resources Tracking the Wild Idea Aug-1984
Manner of Speaking Vocal Variety RX For Better Speech Aug-1984
Personal Growth Emotions Did Snow White Stick With Prince Charming Aug-1985
Personal Growth Emotions Is Yesterday Riding on Today’s Back Aug-1985
Presentation Skills Body Language Speak Up, Hands! Aug-1985
Personal Growth Emotions The Devil Doesn’t Make You Say It Aug-1985
Presentation Skills Speeches Let’s Do a Donahue Aug-1985
Personal Growth Personal Attributes Harvest the Pearls in the Sea of Print Aug-1985
TI Info District Organisation Glide Through the Grassroots Visit Aug-1986
Personal Growth Personal Attributes Home-Makers Speak Out Aug-1986
Presentation Skills Audiences Braving No-(Wo)Man’s Land Aug-1986
Language/Speech Writing Working With Words That’s No Lady, That's My Wife Aug-1986
Communication Relationships You Animal! Aug-1986
Personal Growth Emotions Intuition: Not for Women Only Aug-1986
Presentation Skills Speeches Shine as a Superstar Business Speaker Aug-1986
Language/Speech Writing Writing Not Just “Dear Diary" Aug-1987
Presentation Skills Body Language Speak Louder Than Words Aug-1987
Personal Growth Personal Attributes A..uh..Few Words on Behalf of..uh..Slow Talkers Aug-1987
Club Meetings Club Meetings Turn The Tables Aug-1987
Language/Speech Writing Working With Words Meet The Invisible Woman Aug-1987
Communication Communication Take The Bull By the Horns Aug-1987
Presentation Skills Body Language Beyond Ballet Aug-1987
Communication Club Management "Release” Your Press Aug-1987
Club Meetings Club Membership Have You Stopped Growing Aug-1988
Club Meetings Club Membership Beyond the Club Aug-1988
Personal Growth Speaker Development Planning Professional Presentations Aug-1988
Personal Growth Emotions What Do You Mean, ’Nobody's Perfect'? Aug-1988
Presentation Skills Speech Development Project That Vital Warm Feeling Aug-1988
Humor Speech Development Let’s Keep Those Old Jokes Alive Aug-1988
Presentation Skills Speech Development Cultivate Your Creativity Aug-1988
Personal Growth Goal Setting Beware of Excellence Aug-1988
Personal Growth Speaker Development The Redcoats Are Coming Aug-1988
Personal Growth Speaker Development Working with Speaking Bureaus and Agents Aug-1989
Communication Relationships Saying No – Writing Letters of Refusal Aug-1989
Communication Relationships Sending the Right Message Aug-1989
Presentation Skills Speech Development Are You Content with Content of Your Speeches? Aug-1989
Communication Relationships The Art of Letter Writing Aug-1989
Personal Growth Speaker Development Cruising for Free: A Speaker’s Dream Boat Aug-1989
Club Meetings Club Meetings You Don’t HAVE to Be the Toastmaster Aug-1989
Club Meetings Club Meetings Avoiding Toastmasters Burnout Aug-1989
Personal Growth Speaker Development Tips on Entering Professional Speaking Circuit Aug-1989
Communication Club Management Club Secretary’s Dos & Don'ts on Writing Minutes Aug-1989
Communication Club Management Complain With Power Aug-1989
Presentation Skills Speeches Read Aloud With Confidence Aug-1990
Communication Club Management 10 Ways To Be a More Powerful Speaker Aug-1990
Presentation Skills Speeches Storytelling: The Original Art of Communication Aug-1990
Personal Growth Personal Attributes How Well Do You Read? Aug-1990
Presentation Skills Speech Development Finding the Perfect Anecdote Aug-1990
Topical Tips Resources You Can’t Judge a Book By Its Cover Aug-1990
Personal Growth Emotions Imagination: Our Secret Ally Aug-1990
Club Meetings Club Membership Update – Judge Charles McBrian:A 53 year membe Aug-1990
Presentation Skills Speeches Secrets FromThe Great Communicator:Ronald Rea Aug-1990
Presentation Skills Speeches Tell Your Tale With the Wit of a Raconteur Aug-1990
Presentation Skills Speech Development Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum Isn’t Just for Kids Aug-1990
Topical Tips Resources Where Do Stories Come From? Aug-1990
Tech Topics Technology Tech-Talk:Clubs Hold Joint Meetings via Video Aug-1990
Tech Topics Technology More Toastmasters on the Silver Screen Aug-1990
Tech Topics Technology Twilite Toastmasters Zoom in on the Future Aug-1990
Humor Speech Development Get Bigger Laughs By Aiming At Smaller Targets Aug-1991
Topical Tips Resources The Joy Of Research Aug-1991
Topical Tips Resources Finding Facts Fast Aug-1991
Personal Growth Emotions Toastmasters – A “Numbers Game"? Aug-1991
Presentation Skills Speeches The Scientific Conference: A Time to Sleep? Aug-1991
Presentation Skills Body Language Clothes Make The Toastmaster Aug-1991
Tech Topics Technology Adding Life to Your Visual Aids Aug-1991
Manner of Speaking Vocal Variety It’s Not What You Say Aug-1991
Presentation Skills Body Language Computerize Your Visuals Aug-1991
Club Meetings Educational Program Brightening Up The Icebreaker Aug-1992
Personal Growth Speaker Development Meet the Five Outstanding Speakers of 1992 Aug-1992
Communication Relationships Talk is Cheap: Misunderstanding Gets Expensive Aug-1992
Presentation Skills Speeches The ABC’s of Handling the Q & A Aug-1992
Topical Tips Resources The Case Of The Murder Mystery Mash Aug-1992
Presentation Skills Speech Development Exercise Your Point of View Aug-1992
Toastmaster Profiles Role Models Mary Elizabeth Lease: Voice Of The New West Aug-1992
Presentation Skills Speech Development Speaking Tips From the Experts Aug-1992
Presentation Skills Speech Development Let Your Skills Do the Talking Aug-1993 Marty Morris DTM
Tech Topics Technology Staged Right Aug-1993 Mard Naman
How to Resources Become a Temporary Expert Aug-1993 Karen O'Connor
Toastmaster Profiles Role Models Mr. Churchill’s American Mentor Aug-1993 Thomas Montalbo DTM
Presentation Skills Speech Development That’s Incredible Aug-1993 Joe A. Holmes ATM
Presentation Skills Speech Development What Should I Do With My Hands? Aug-1993 Thomas Leech
My Turn Emotions It Takes More Than Just a Speech Aug-1993 Dr. Ralph C. Smedley
Toastmaster Profiles Role Models In Memrory of Alex P. Smekta Aug-1993 Staff
Tech Topics Technology Using the Overhead Aug-1993 Kathy A. Rogers
Personal Growth Personal Attributes I’d Rather Whistle While I Work Aug-1994 Patrick Mott
My Turn Leadership Ask Not What Your Club Can Do ... Aug-1994 Thomas K. Jue CTM
Humor Emotions The Value of a Sense of Humour Aug-1994 Gene Perret
Membership/Club Building Club Building Let’s Share the Power of Toastmasters Aug-1994 Carolyn Weisbart ATM-B
Language/Speech Writing Writing When you should Write a Letter Aug-1994 Suzette Haden Elgin
Club Meetings Evaluations Evaluations: Step Into The Speaker’s Shoes Aug-1994 Sue Tribolini
Language/Speech Writing Writing Speechwriters of the World, You’re Needed! Aug-1994 Alan M. Perlman Ph.D
Club Meetings Evaluations Evaluation: A Giving and Caring Experience Aug-1994 Alan G. Field DTM
Membership/Club Building Club Building Think Creative Aug-1994 Betty K. Thom
Club Meetings Clubs Choose Toastmasters During Turbulence Aug-1994 Steve Broe ATM
How to Evaluations The Art of Accepting an Evaluation Aug-1994 D. Reed Laker ATM
Club Meetings Clubs The Corporate Challenge Aug-1994 Arthur S. Pennington ATM
Presentation Skills Speeches The No Fear Interview Aug-1994 Patricia L. Fry CTM
Club Meetings Clubs Electronics Company Club Sparks ContinuedGrowt Aug-1994 John Ferman DTM
Tech Topics Technology You’re On Candid Camera Aug-1994 Miriam Otte CTM
Presentation Skills Speech Development Think Right! Aug-1995 Jan Rainbird
Communication Relationships How to Be a Friend in Deed to a Friend in Need Aug-1995 Victor M. Parachin
Topical Tips Resources Don’t Fall For Fallacies Aug-1995 Jim Patterson
Presentation Skills Audiences 11 Ways to Connect With an Audience Aug-1995 Anthony W. Salinger
Personal Growth Emotions The Sentimental Journey Aug-1995 Carol Richardson
Presentation Skills Speech Development Speech Safari Aug-1995 Kim L. Whiteside
My Turn Speech Development I Ain’t Got No Goals Aug-1995 Charles A. Jones CTM
Communication Relationships Friends, Romans, Toastmasters Aug-1995 William H. Stevenson III ATM
How to Speeches The Q & A Session Aug-1995 Marjorie Brody
Communication Relationships Exploring the Subtleties of Persuasion Aug-1995 Mark Boylan
Presentation Skills Speech Development The Package Aug-1995 Jim Thacher ATM
My Turn Relationships In Defense of Controversy Aug-1996 Mark A. Hammerton CTM
Communication Club Management Inspiring Officer Performance Aug-1996 Wade Chabassol CTM
Manner of Speaking Vocal Variety The Power of Pace Aug-1996 Doug Malhouf
Presentation Skills Speeches Creating Mental Fasteners For Your Audience Aug-1996 Deborah W. Flores
How to Relationships What Is Your Name Again? Aug-1996 Marilyn S. Nyman
Language/Speech Writing Writing Page Fright Aug-1996 Patricia L. Fry CTM
Humor Speech Development Make Your Point With Humor Aug-1996 Gene Perret
Presentation Skills Body Language The Eyes Have It Aug-1996 Joanne Sherman
Topical Tips Resources Speak Up to the Media Aug-1996 Burton St. John III
Club Meetings Educational Program Dump the Slump Aug-1996 Dawn Frail DTM
Presentation Skills Speeches Respect Your Audience or Else! Aug-1996 Len Serafino DTM
Manner of Speaking Speaker Development You Are What You Say Aug-1997 Patrick Mott
Personal Growth Speaker Development Lessons From the Best Presenters Aug-1997 Paul B. Thornton
Personal Growth Personal Attributes Awaken Your Creativity Aug-1997 Ray Anthony
Club Meetings Club Meetings Where There’s a Why, There's a Way Aug-1997 Dawn Frail DTM
Personal Growth Emotions Making the Emotional Connection Aug-1997 Susan St. John
Humor Speech Development Checklist For Using Humour Aug-1997 Gene Perret
Presentation Skills Speech Development And The Speaker Is … Aug-1997 Staff
How to Writing Duly Noted Aug-1997 Dave Gunby ATM
Personal Growth Emotions Stop Boring Your Audience Aug-1997 Frank Losco ATM
My Turn Emotions Caught by Complacency Aug-1997 Jim Poling ATM
Topical Tips Speech Development Go Beyond the Meeting Aug-1997 Mark Majcher ATM
Membership Building Club Management TI, PR & U Aug-1998 Cindy Podurgal Chambers DTM
Membership Building Speeches Your 30-Second Commercial Aug-1998 Patricia L. Fry CTM
Membership Building Club Management Media Alert! Aug-1998 Michele May
How to Club Management Plug with Passion Aug-1998 Melanie “Mimi” T. Lim DTM
Personal Growth Resources The Synergistic Effect Aug-1998 John K. Borchardt Ph.D, CTM
Communication Speeches Master the Television Interview Aug-1998 Patricia Smoak Davis ATM-B
Manner of Speaking Speech Development The Fine Art of Funny Business Aug-1998 Patrick Mott
My Turn Club Building What is the Secret to membership Growth? Aug-1998 Sharon Sarles ATM
Humor Speech Development Learn to Think Funny Aug-1998 Joanna Slan
Humor Speech Development Let The TV Be Your Teacher Aug-1998 Joanna Slan
Membership Building Club Management PR Basics Aug-1998 Brad Leone
Communication Club Management Air Your Message With Confidence Aug-1998 Peter F. Jeff CTM
Humor Speech Development This Joke Is On You! Aug-1998 Elly Victoria Darwin CTM
Famous Speakers Speeches In Memory of Frank I. Spangler, 1906-1998 Aug-1998 Staff
Toastmaster Profiles Role Models Mark Twain: The Orator’s Icon Aug-1999 Kimberly A. Porrazzo
Topical Tips Resources Seven Ways to Waste Your Time Aug-1999 Michael J. Davis CTM
How to Club Management 10 Pitfalls of New Officers Aug-1999 Sindi E. Henneman ATM-B, CL
My Turn Goal Setting Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Badly Aug-1999 Cindy Podurgal Chambers DTM
Presentation Skills Speech Development Alternatives to Presentations – Choose Wisely Aug-1999 Phillip J. Stella
Membership/Club Building Club Building Your 16-Second Elevator Speech Aug-1999 Craig A. Harrison DTM
Presentation Skills Body Language Clothing Your Speech Aug-1999 Peter F. Jeff ATM-B
Toastmaster Profiles Role Models John W. Haynes 1904-1999 Aug-1999 Staff
Leadership Club Management And Suddenly I’m a Club Officer Aug-1999 Dean Brandhagen CTM
Personal Growth Emotions Are You Painting With The Wrong Brush Aug-1999 Ernest R. Stair
Manner of Speaking Speaker Development Are You a Donkey, a Horse, or a Mule Aug-1999 Shelia Spencer ATM-S
Membership/Club Building Club Building Joint Kiwanis-Toastmasters Club Breaks New Ground Aug-1999 Staff
Personal Growth Emotions Dare to Follow Your Dreams Aug-1999 Victor M. Parachin
Topical Tips Speech Development It’s Not an “Impossible Dream" Aug-1999 Mark Majcher ATM
Presentation Skills Speech Development Meanwhile Back at the Ranch … Aug-1999 Leanna Skarnulis
Topical Tips Technology Visit Other Clubs via the Web Aug-2000 Mark Majcher ATM
Personal Growth Speaker Development Opportunity Knocks - Especially When You Rattle the Doorknob Aug-2000 Spencer W. Birt ATM-S
Personal Growth Professions Your Hire Power Aug-2000 Craig A. Harrison DTM
Personal Growth Goal Setting Taking the Fear Out of Failure Aug-2000 Victor M. Parachin
Presentation Skills Emotions The Impact of Color Aug-2000 Karen Kornegay ATM
Leadership Leadership Spread Your Wings Aug-2000 Steve Broe DTM
Personal Growth Emotions Come Out of It! Aug-2000 Mary Murphey ATM-B
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Speaking Techniques Audiences Understanding Audience Dynamics Aug-2000 Ginger Rosenkrans
Famous Speakers Writing Shakespeare: Master Speechwriter Aug-2000 Thomas Montalbo DTM
Humor Writing The Consolation of History: A Speechwriter’s Therapy Aug-2000 Eugene Finerman
Personal Growth Personal Attributes Learn to Speed Read Aug-2000 Graydon Smith
Language/Speech Writing Working With Words Turning Tangled Thought into Golden Words Aug-2000 Jocelyn Boileau CTM
TI Info Toastmasters International Donna H. Groh named Executive Director Aug-2001 Staff
Membership Building Relationships How’s Your Club's Customer Service Aug-2001 Margaret Connery ATM-B
Personal Growth Role Models People Are Our Greatest Resource Aug-2001 Alain Burrese CL
Membership Building Club Management Every Meeting an Advertisement, Every Member an Ambassador Aug-2001 Shelia Spencer ATM-G
Personal Growth Emotions When the Joy is Gone Aug-2001 Victor M. Parachin
Speaking Techniques Speeches Q & A Techniques That Can Make Your Presentation Aug-2001 Patricia L. Fry CTM
Personal Growth Emotions Finding Happiness Aug-2001 Michael Landrum ATM-B
Leadership District Organisation Take Two! Aug-2001 Craig A. Harrison DTM
Leadership Leadership Parable of Three Members Aug-2001 Roy Fenstermaker DTM
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TI Info TI Info How to Contact Your District Governor Aug-2001 Staff
Topical Tips Speech Development Stop the Chatter and Just Communicate Aug-2001 Mark Majcher ATM
TI Info Resources Results From Our Online Poll Aug-2002 Ken Tangen Ph.D
Personal Growth Emotions Up in Smoke: The Fleeting Nature of Motivational Speeches Aug-2002 Dave Zielinski
Club Meetings Speech Development Ask Miss Behavin’: Make It Sizzle! Aug-2002 Brenda Caine ATM-G
Leadership Emotions The Art of Motivation Aug-2002 Dave Zielinski
Leadership Emotions Move ’Em to Action Aug-2002 Michelle Kulp CTM
Language/Speech Writing Working With Words Understanding Teen-Speak Aug-2002 Kimberly A. Porrazzo
Personal Growth Personal Attributes The Power of Your Thoughts Aug-2002 Patricia L. Fry CTM
Leadership District Organisation Area Governor: The Best Job in Toastmasters Aug-2002 Robert Spencer ATM-G, CL
Language/Speech Writing Writing Confessions of a Wounded Speechwriter Part II Aug-2002 Ken Askew
Club Meetings Club Management A President’s Main Job: Show Up! Aug-2002 Martha Darling ATM-B
TI Info TI Info Toastmasters 2002-2003 District Governors Aug-2002 Staff
TI Info TI Info How to Contact Your District Governor Aug-2002 Staff
Famous Speakers Leadership Building Blocks of Leadership Aug-2003 Carmine Gallo
Membership/Club Building Club Building Adjusting to a New Club Aug-2003 Patricia L. Fry CTM
Humor Emotions The Power of Laughter Aug-2003 Richard Lederer Ph.D
Leadership Leadership A Matter of Trust Aug-2003 John C. Maxwell Ph.D
Manner of Speaking Speaker Development You Don’t Say Aug-2003 Stephen D. Boyd Ph.D
Presentation Skills Training Taking Toastmasters to the Classroom Aug-2003 Charles P. Howes CTM
Language/Speech Writing Speech Development Great Ideas for Speeches Aug-2003 Philippa Anderson CTM
Humor Speech Development Don’t Get Mad, Get Funny Aug-2003 Leigh Anne Jasheway
My Turn Goal Setting Retirement – Reenlistment Aug-2003 James A. Nelson
Humor Contests A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Humor Contest Aug-2003 Sandy Aptecker
Communication Personal Attributes When in Doubt, Tell the Truth Aug-2003 Tara Rishter Ph.D, DTM Kai Rambow DTM
Communication Personal Attributes Are You a Credible Communicator? Aug-2003 Craig A. Harrison DTM
Language/Speech Writing Working With Words The Paradoxical Commandments Aug-2003 Kent M. Keith
Presentation Skills Speeches The Six Myths of Public Speaking Aug-2003 William L. Hennefrund
Presentation Skills Relationships On Your Own: Tips on Speaking Outside the Club Aug-2003 Donna M. Adams ATM-S
Language/Speech Writing Emotions To Err is Human; to Self-Deprecate, Divine Aug-2004 Andrew B. Wilson
Presentation Skills Speech Development Q&A, The Boys Scout’s Way Aug-2004 Theodore Lustig ATM-S
Language/Speech Writing Working With Words Confusing Communication Aug-2004 Shula Hirsch
My Turn Emotions That Was Me Up There Aug-2004 Jeff Short ATM-S
Personal Growth Emotions The Best Lesson: Learning from Mistakes Aug-2004 William L. Hennefrund
Toastmaster Profiles Club Membership Who Wants to be...a Toastmaster? Kevin Olmstead Aug-2004 Cindy Podurgal Chambers DTM
Communication Leadership Where Do We Go From Here? Aug-2004 Jennifer Morgan
Manner of Speaking Vocal Variety Accent Reduction Tips Aug-2004 Julie Bawden-Davis
Personal Growth Emotions Speaking from the Heart Aug-2004 Fran Capo
Humor Audiences Handling the Heckler Aug-2004 Jason Love
Club Meetings Evaluations How Encouraging are Your Evaluations? Aug-2004 Ken Feldt ATM-B
Personal Growth Vocal Variety Say What? Aug-2004 Julie Bawden-Davis
Tech Topics Technology Boosting the Power of Your Word Processor Aug-2004 Reid Goldsborough
My Turn Communication Lessons Learned from Listening Aug-2005 Jim Walsh
Personal Growth Professions Can You Use a Hypnotist? Aug-2005 Roberta Temes Ph.D
Personal Growth Resources Take the Plunge Aug-2005 Leanne Cusumano Roque CL
Leadership Emotions Leading through Crisis Aug-2005 Kathleen Vestal Logan ATM-B
Leadership Leadership My Favorite Corporate Speakers Aug-2005 Jessica Hatchigan
Communication Speech Development Fine-Tuning Some Old Saws Aug-2005 Thomas Leech
Communication Speech Development Power-Start Your Speech Prep Aug-2005 Jeff Dunn ATM-B
Personal Growth Emotions A Risk-Taker? Who, Me? Aug-2005 Leanne Cusumano Roque CL
Communication Club Management Creating Your Memorable Marketing Message Aug-2005 Sam Silverstein
Personal Growth Goal Setting Falling Forward Aug-2005 Victor M. Parachin
Manner of Speaking Speeches Two-Minute Tales! (Table Topics) Aug-2006 Craig A. Harrison DTM
Toastmaster Profiles Disability Speaking Out About Autism Aug-2006 Julie Bawden-Davis
Presentation Skills Speeches The Play’s the Thing Aug-2006 John Dillon CL
Topical Tips Resources All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Fairy Tales Aug-2006 Caren Schnur Neile Ph.D, ATM-S
Presentation Skills Speeches How to Tell Tall Tales Aug-2006 Elizabeth Keogan ATM-S
How to Events It’s All About Stage Time Aug-2006 Carolyn Callan ATM-B
Club Meetings Speeches A Party to Die For Aug-2006 Tracey Maroney ATM-B
Presentation Skills Professions Acting Techniques for Speakers Aug-2006 Ed Brodow
Tech Topics Technology PowerPoint – From Average to Awesome Aug-2006 Kevin Lerner
Topical Tips Resources Facts Tell, Stories Sell Aug-2006 Carol Mon
Tech Topics Technology Are You a ‘Finer Designer’? Aug-2006 Marian Schickling
My Turn Resources Superb Stories Sell Aug-2006 Lesley Soden Ph.D, ATM-B
Language/Speech Writing Writing Preparing a speech in 5 minutes Aug-2007 Sid Gilman DTM
Language/Speech Writing Writing Put your Audience in your Speech – use People Words Aug-2007 Kevin Johnston Tennille-Lynn Millo
Toastmaster Profiles Role Models Looking for a Profession – Not Pity. A profile of April Hutchins Aug-2007 Julie Bawden-Davis
Manner of Speaking Working With Words The Power of Words – Looking at Language Aug-2007 Elizabeth Martin ACS
How to Club Management Finding a Voice for your Club Newsletter Aug-2007 Rhys Davies ATM-S, ALS
My Turn Speech Development A question of Etiquette – when to say thank you or apologize Aug-2007 Margaret Page CL
Presentation Skills Personal Attributes Do you have Charisma? How to Captivate your Audience Aug-2007 Eva Kihlstrom
Language/Speech Writing Working With Words Sounding good in English – tips for non-native English speakers Aug-2007 Katherine Meeks
Language/Speech Writing Speech Development 10 Tips from a Toastmaster, by Dianne Lawson Aug-2007 Dianne Lawson ATM-S
Presentation Skills Writing Engineering a Win – tips for speech writing success Aug-2007 Dr. April K. Andreas ACS, CL
Club Meetings Clubs CRA: A treasure worth tapping Aug-2008 Carl Duivenvoorden DTM
Communication Speech Development How to Win Over Teenagers Aug-2008 Pandora Scooter
Presentation Skills Speech Development Seven Staples of Public Speaking Aug-2008 David Brooks DTM
Communication Speech Development Small Audiences – the dos and don’ts of speaking t Aug-2008 Caren Schnur Neile Ph.D, ATM-S, CL
Communication Speech Development Protocol for Globe-trotting Toastmasters Aug-2008 Terri Morrison
My Turn Relationships From China to the US – Bridging cultural and career Aug-2008 Angie Palmer ACS, ALB
Humor Working With Words A Disingenuous Discussion Aug-2008 John Cadley
Manner of Speaking Speech Development Helping Kids Tame their Butterflies Aug-2008 Shimali Agarwal Barbara Krasner CTM Nora Nerses
Leadership Training Training Teens to be Toastmasters Aug-2008 Carolyn Kellams ACB
Contests Club Meetings & Contests The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Aug-2009 Carol Dean Schreiner DTM
Presentation Skills Presentation Skills When the Ace of Hearts Refuses to Flutter Aug-2009 Dean Sheetz ACS, CL
Tech Topics Tech Topics Presenter Remotes Aug-2009 Dave Zielinski
TI Info TI Info Global Representation & Support Articles Aug-2009 Staff
TI Info TI Info CCs and Other ABCs Aug-2009 Beth Black CC
Toastmaster Profiles Toastmaster Profiles Silencing the Doubters Aug-2009 Julie Bawden-Davis
Language/Speech Writing Language/Speech Writing Who Said That? Aug-2009 Fred Shapiro
Membership/Club Building Membership/Club Building Cooking Up a Learning Lab Aug-2009 Craig A. Harrison DTM
Humor Humor Something Catchy Aug-2009 John Cadley
Humor Humor Make Your Roast a Tip­Top Toast Aug-2009 Gene Perret
Presentation Skills Presentation Skills The Script as Friend and Foe Aug-2009 Bill Matthews
Language/Speech Writing Language/Speech Writing Consider the Interview Aug-2010 Dianne Morr ATM-B
Communication Communication Speaking a Cappella Aug-2010 Patrick Mott
Communication Communication International Meet and Greet Aug-2010 Barbara Lewis DTM
Communication Communication Become a Better Conversationalist Aug-2010 Patricia L. Fry ATM-S
Communication Communication Delivering Cross­Cultural Humor Aug-2010 Eric Feng ACS
Contests Club Meetings and Contests Make Them Laugh Aug-2010 William H. Stevenson III
Presentation Skills Speech Development Body Language Across Cultures Aug-2010 Linda E. Allen CC
Humor Humor Authentic Authenticity. Order Now! Aug-2010 John Cadley
Presentation Skills Speech Development Commencement Speaker Gains An Education Aug-2010 Rebecca George CC
Toastmaster Profiles Toastmasters Profiles Dec Cluskey and The Bachelors Aug-2010 Julie Bawden-Davis
Personal Growth Personal Growth Is Your Busyness Your Fault? Aug-2010 Connie Merritt
Leadership Leadership Three Keys to Being Effective Aug-2010 Dee Dees DTM, PID
Humor Humor Building Bridges Across Cultures Aug-2011 Uma Thakar CC
How to How to When Bad Things Happen to Good Clubs Aug-2011 Craig A. Harrison DTM
Presentation Skills Speech Development Speaking From Experience Aug-2011 Krista Wells CC, Ph.D
TI Info TI Info The New Youth Communication Program is Here Aug-2011 Beth Black CC
Q&A Q&A Mathemagics: Making Math Fun Aug-2011 Jennie Harris
Toastmaster Profiles Role Models How to Guide Your Tribe Aug-2011 Paul Sterman
Humor Funny You Should Say That I’m Sorry, Were You Being Funny? Aug-2011 John Cadley
Humor Humor How to Add Humor to Your Club Meetings Aug-2011 John E. Kinde DTM, AS
My Turn My Turn Love Them Alligators Aug-2011 Dick Warn
Humor Humor How to Win Your Audience with Bombproof Humor Aug-2011 Karl Righter DTM
How to How to Coping with A Disliked Member Aug-2011 Luann Lee Brown ATM
Toastmaster Profiles Role Models Claire Clark: Paying it Forward Aug-2011 Julie Bawden-Davis
Humor Humor Make ‘Em Laugh Aug-2011 Jennie Harris
Toastmaster Profiles Role Models District 59: Countries, Culture and Comaraderie Aug-2011 John Zimmer CC, CL
TI Info TI Info 2014 Convention to Be Held in Kuala Lumpur Aug-2012 Staff
TI Info TI Info A Brand Celebration Aug-2012 Staff
Presentation Skills Speech Development The 10 P’s of Powerful Persuasion Aug-2012 Karl Righter DTM
Q&A Q&A Carl Walsh: The World is His Stage Aug-2012 Mary Nesfield
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Personal Growth Personal Growth PR Tips for Speakers Aug-2012 Pam Lontos
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Communication Communication Reel ‘Em In: The Anti-Elevator Pitch Aug-2012 Cliff Suttle DTM
Humor Funny You Should Say That Help Yourself Aug-2012 John Cadley
My Turn My Turn Confessions of a Brand Convert Aug-2012 Paul White DTM
Looking at Language Looking at Language The Power of the Pen and the Voice Aug-2012 Judith C. Tingley Ph.D, DTM
How To How To The Reluctant Leader Aug-2013 Lynn Marie Cherry CC, CL
Leadership Leadership When Clubs Mean Business Aug-2013 Jennifer L. Blanck DTM
Humor Funny You Should Say That Pool Rules Aug-2013 John Cadley
Personal Growth Personal Growth Go Back to College—As the Teacher! Aug-2013 Jennifer Cunningham
Manner of Speaking Vocal Variety From Actor to Toastmaster Aug-2013 James Wantz ACS, ALB
Manner of Speaking Vocal Variety Lessons from a Garden Speaker Aug-2013 Colleen Plimpton ACB, CL
News from TI Toastmasters International In Memory of Helen Blanchard, 1926–2013 Aug-2013 Paul Sterman
TI Info About TI Hello, How May I Help You? Aug-2013 Jennie Harris
Toastmaster Profiles Relationships Donnie Cochran, ACB, CL: Up in the Air Aug-2013 Julie Bawden-Davis
My Turn My Turn We Hold These Truths Aug-2013 Dr. Ralph C. Smedley
Personal Growth Personal Growth Read It for Riches Aug-2013 Lesley Stephenson ACG, CL
Personal Growth Working With Words Flora's Alphabet Adventure Aug-2014 Sylvia Nilsson-Barkman DTM
Communication Evaluations The Importance of Evaluation Aug-2014 Daniel Rex CEO TI
Speaking Techniques Body Language Convey Confidence with Body Language Aug-2014 Denise Graveline
Leadership Leadership Training Tomorrow's Leaders Today Aug-2014 Christine Clapp DTM
Toastmaster Profiles Speaker Development Q&A: Joshua Tahinduka, CC, CL - Putting Rwanda Toastmasters on the Map Aug-2014 Julie Bos
Communication Evaluations An Evaluator's Recipe Aug-2014 Carlos David Arzeno
Toastmaster Profiles Role Models Barbara Seymour Giordano, ACS, CL: From the Heart Aug-2014 Linda E. Allen ACS, CL
Language/Speech Writing Relationships Sometimes the Topic is Love Aug-2014 Mary Nesfield
Viewpoint Role Models A Journey of 10,000 Miles Aug-2014 George Yen DTM
My Turn Taking the Terror out of Talk Cat Got Your Tongue? Aug-2014 Susan Miller CC, CL
Humor Emotions Not So Quiet Desparation Aug-2014 John Cadley
Speaking Techniques Technology On-camera Tips Aug-2014 Barbara Seymour Giordano ACS, CL
Leadership Training Tips for YLP Coordinators Aug-2014 Christine Clapp DTM
My Turn Disability A Mother's Mission Aug-2015 Mona Cooley DTM
Membership/Club Building Club Building A 'Top Notch' Turnaround Aug-2015 Julie B. Cosgrove ACG, ALB
Membership/Club Building Club Management Social Media Tips For Your Club Aug-2015 Gemma Costello
Q&A Role Models Walter Isaacson: Writing a New Chapter Aug-2015 Paul Sterman
How to Relationships The Elevator Speech Aug-2015 Christine Clapp DTM
How to District Organisation Putting the "PR" Into Professional Aug-2015 Dennis Olson
Club Meetings Club Management Club Management (of a large club) Aug-2015 Maciej Kietlinski CC, ALB
Viewpoint Role Models What's Next? Aug-2015 Mohammed Murad DTM
TI Info Toastmasters International The Power Behind the Proper Branding Aug-2015 Cathey Armillas DTM
Humor Working With Words Stop It! Aug-2015 John Cadley
Membership/Club Building Club Management Get the Word Out Aug-2015 Glenn F. Laveson ACG
How to Speaker Development From Free to Fee! Aug-2015 Craig A. Harrison DTM
Tech Topics Technology 10 Tips for a Great Club Website Aug-2015 Rich Rogers ACS, ALB
Club Meetings Club Meetings Why Do We Time Everything? Aug-2015 Tim Powell DTM
How to Speaker Development 7 Tips From Emerging Professional Speakers Aug-2015 Craig A. Harrison DTM
How to District Organisation The Anatomy of a New Release Aug-2015 Staff
Feature Profile Meet Geoff Regan, Canada's Speaker of the House of Commons August-2016 Paul Sterman
Profile Q&A Communication Guru - Lisa B Marshall - popular podcaster distills the art and science of presentations August-2016 Mitch Mirkin CTM
How To Confidence Be Confident When Called On. Speaking tips to hel you thrive when caught off guard. August-2016 Matt Abrahams
Professional Development Careers Career Transitions August-2016 Jennifer L Blank DTM
Article Storytelling Emotion Reigns - How passionate storytelling makes a message unforgettable. August-2016 Kelly Swanson
Personal Growth Personal Growth An Attitude of Gratitude - how positive thoughts can transform your life. August-2016 Lauren Parsons CC, CL
Communication Success Stories Member Achievements. Speaking engagements, awards and history give these Toastmasters a reason to celebrate. August-2016 Sue Mills ACS, ALB
My Turn Inspiration The Rewards of Giving Back. Helping the athletes of Special Olympics Ireland has enriched and inspired our club. August-2016 Pat Cowley DTM
Funny You Should Say That Humour Mindfulness - How to attain peace, love and happiness by losing your mind. August-2016 John Cadley
Club Meetings Evaluations Enhance Evaluations...of Yourself Dec-1984
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