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Since 1933, the Toastmaster magazine has been a valuable resource for Toastmasters around the world, offering expert perspectives on a wide range of topics including leadership, public speaking, humour, speechwriting, team building, mentoring and language.

Now you've been in Toastmasters long enough to collect a good library of the Toastmaster magazine. So when you're asked at short notice to deliver an educational to the members of your Toastmasters club on "Handling Difficult Audiences", or your boss, knowing you're a Toastmaster, asks you to present to your work colleagues on "Powerful Selling Techniques", you know the raw material for your presentation will be somewhere in the past issues, but where do you start?

Now You can start here, at Toastmasters New Zealand's Toastmaster Magazine index. Continuing the work of the late Doris Moore DTM of Rotorua, who collected articles from 1984 to 2008, a team of people here in New Zealand have updated her work to the latest issue, collating over 4000 articles, and made it available for you to search through for just the article or articles you need. 

We have developed a fully searchable Toastmaster Magazine Index (3rd link below) for you to use.  This is updated monthly with new articles by the District Webmaster.  Wait for the Index to load, which opens at the beginning of the A category.  

You can also print the Toastmaster Magazine Article Index for the following years from the Toastmasters International website:

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