High Performance Leadership

This page describes the Toastmasters High Performance Leadership programme where you serve as a leader in a project.

A hands-on programme

Cover of the High Performance Leadership Manual.

This is a hands-on, five project skill-building programme that requires you to conduct a project of your choice in which you serve as a leader. Reflecting your own goals, the project may be affiliated with your participation at Club, Area, Division, District, business or community level.

The High Performance leadership manual walks you through the project's different phases, providing study material and activities to complete.

As you progress you'll learn about:

  • The need for leadership, the six dimensions of leadership, your current leadership skills and becoming a more effective leader.
  • Developing a vision and a mission.
  • Building a team and creating an action plan.
  • Helping the team accomplish its mission and dealing with setbacks.
  • Analysing efforts.

Your Guidance Committee will provide help and advice, and evaluate your work.

Gain recognition

The High Performance Leadership Programme is part of Toastmasters' leadership track and is one of the requirements for the Advanced Leader Silver Award. 

Competent Leadership Project: Members serving as mentors on a Guidance Committee for Toastmasters completing the High Performance Leadership Project gain credit for a project in the Competent Leadership Award. Please refer to Project 9 in the Competent Leadership manual for more information.

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