This page explains the role of the Timekeeper at a Toastmasters meeting.

Duties of the Timekeeper

The Timekeeper times all portions of a Toastmasters meeting, starting with the meeting opening, through to the close of the meeting.

Being a timekeeper requires alertness and the ability to follow instructions.

Follow the timing listed on the agenda for each speech, and double-check this is what the introducer announces.

As timekeeper, you will operate the timing lights or coloured timing cards to show each speaker how they are doing against their stated time objectives.

When you arrive at a Toastmasters meeting, it is important to confirm the timings with each speaker, and ensure you can operate the timing lights/card and timing device correctly.  Some speeches have different timing requirements from the standard 5 to 7 minutes for most speeches.

At the end of the meeting, the you may be asked to give a verbal report to the meeting on whether all participants met their speech time objectives.

Gain Recognition

The Timekeeper role fulfils Competent Leadership Project 4 - Time Management.

Links to More Resources

For more information about the role of Timekeeper, look in the Competent Communication manual pages 69-70.

If you have a smartphone, go to the App Store and search on "speech timer for Toastmasters".  There are a number of different timers you can download and try out.