Toastmaster Courses

Short Courses - Introduction to Public Speaking


Speechcraft Courses

Speechcraft courses are aimed at training and improving your public speaking skills in a short amount of time. A typical Speechcraft course runs for 5-8 sessions, is limited to around 10 participants, and is a cut-down version of the Toastmasters educational programme.

While the course does not offer the full benefits of the Toastmasters programme, you will sharpen your Public Speaking and Communication skills in ways you never thought possible. Many Speechcrafters join a Toastmasters club on completion of the course to continue their Toastmasters journey.


Youth Leadership Programme

The Youth Leadership Programme works in a similar way as Speechcraft Courses, but the Youth Leadership Programme is specifically designed for people in their teenage years.  The course may be held as part of a school or youth community programme.


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