Master the Art of Public Speaking

Members of the Public

Grow confidence and self-belief

Overcome your fear of public speaking

Think fast on your feet

Feel relaxed answering questions on the spot

Master storytelling

Learn how to engage and captivate your audience

Impact your community

Meet and bring people together

Entrepreneurs and Professionals

Practice delivering pitches

Develop clear and effective communication

Ace interviews

Learn to be articulate and illustrate your knowledge

Lead and inspire team members

Build confidence delivering instructions and motivation

Network with professionals

Improve your ability to meet and engage new contacts

Why Toastmasters?

Full Support and Mentorship

A mentor is available for additional guidance or encouragement, if required. No matter where you start, the challenge is to reach your potential.

Supportive Peer Learning

Each meeting, members perform speaking and leadership roles and receive constructive feedback. This highlights strengths and areas for improvement.

Self-paced Learning Programme

The Pathways Learning Experience is an online interactive series of projects focusing on communication and leadership skills. Accessible all-day, every-day, members learn at a pace that suits them and matches their lifestyle.

Club Leadership Roles

Members receive opportunities to lead at and beyond club-level. Each role carries with it a different set of challenges and skills to learn. These include Club President, Event Planners, Contest Organisers, District Officers, Training Presenters and much more.

How to Join

Find a club

Find Toastmasters clubs near you by visiting Find a Club in the Menu.

Pay them a visit

Contact local clubs or just turn up and see which one suits you best. All guests are welcome.

Become a member‚Äč

Return a completed membership form with the one-off joining fee and subscription fee. *Fees vary from club to club.

Give your Icebreaker

When signed up and ready you break the ice by delivering your first speech - the Icebreaker.

Find your voice today

What happens at a Club Meeting?

Hear Jayden from Nga Manu Reo Club walk you through what happens at a typical Toastmasters meeting.

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Women giving a speech wih emphatic motion

Prepared Speeches

Delivering prepared speeches allows the speaker to gain valuable experience and get "stage time." At the same time, the audience can be informed, inspired and often entertained. Come and share your ideas, opinions, stories or practice for that wedding, workplace presentation or simply build your self-confidence.

Man givign a speech poised

Impromptu Speeches

Impromptu Speaking is creating speeches or answer questions "off the cuff" without time to prepare. Often humorous, Toastmasters' Table Topics teaches members to think on their feet and learn how to stay calm and think while communicating clearly and confidently.

Women giving a speech focused

Encouraging Evaluations

All speaking and leadership roles receive an evaluation. This is an opportunity to learn from others' experience and discover blind spots as well as acknowledge your strengths and get tips on how to improve. Giving and receiving feedback is a valuable skill with many practical uses at home, sport or at work.

Become a confident communicator

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