Pathways - our new way of learning

This page is a summary of material to help you get started with Pathways, including resources to help you choose your learning path. For more information, please go to, and follow the Pathways link. Although there is a good publicly-available overview of the programme,  you will need to sign on to your Toastmasters account in order to use Pathways.

Pathways Resources

Pathways consists of "Learning Paths", and each path has its own set of projects. All members can choose at least one free path; while TI has a lot of information about doing this, several Districts, including our own, have published resources aimed at minimising the amount of reading while deciding which path to choose.

Links to those resources are below. If you discover Pathways material (apart from that on which you find useful and would like to share, please email the link to All links open in new windows or tabs.


The Pathways Timeline

Pathways became available to every Toastmaster in Regions 10 and 12 (specifically, New Zealand and Australia) on December 6, 2017. What this means for you is:

  • After that date, every new member will enroll on to Pathways
  • Existing members can choose to start a new path under Pathways, continue with their existing goals, or do both
  • The award you are working on will still be recognised - but
  • You need to plan to complete what you are currently doing by mid-2020
  • Two years after Pathways reaches the last regions (which will happen around mid-2018) awards under the existing programme will cease
  • It is not yet clear exactly when existing manuals will cease to be available, but that will happen at some point (note the CC is already available on-line)

The above is important for members who wish to complete their DTM in the next couple of years. Although some of the Leadership components of current awards (such as service in a District role) can be transferred to the new Pathways Programme, educational awards can not. 

Learning Masters

TI has been working on revamping the education programme for several years now, and previously called for members to apply to become Learning Masters.  New Zealand was fortunate enough to have five Learning Masters who assisted in the development of the Revitalised Learning Programme, known as the REP.  Currently the District has two active Learning Masters, being Helen Cartmell in Division J and Stephen Preston in Division E.

Ambassadors and Pathways Guides

Not long after TI called for applications for Learning Masters, they also called for members to apply to become REP Ambassadors and a Chief Ambassador was appointed in every District.  Ambassadors were to visit Toastmasters Clubs and present the REP to members.  However, the REP was delayed in its roll-out and has since been reworked to become Toastmasters Pathways.

In essence, Pathways Ambassadors act as promoters, and Guides act as specialist mentors.  

Who are our Pathways Guides?

Below is a link to the section of the TI website regards Pathways Guides – please note that not all links and documents are publicly accessible.


Pathways Guides will receive  credit equivalent to the one year District Officer role required as part of the Advanced Leadership Silver Award.

Links to more information

If you would like to read more about Pathways, follow the link below to the Pathways webpages on the TI website, or sign into your Toastmasters account and explore "Base Camp".