What is Speechcraft?

Most of us have experienced the uncomfortable feeling of being asked to speak in public – for work presentations, wedding speeches and many other situations. A Speechcraft course will help you learn techniques and build confidence so that you can make the most of these opportunities. These courses are run independently by clubs. 

What is involved?

The fundamental belief behind Speechcraft is that people learn best by doing. During this course, participants will be required to deliver a series of speeches and be involved with other speaking activities. This may sound daunting, but there will be people there to provide encouragement and help you overcome that fear! We will offer tips and techniques to help you control nervousness and develop your public speaking skills. We will also have lots of fun along the way!

How does each session work?

The exact programme will vary for each course. However, sessions are usually divided into four parts – prepared speeches, educational speeches, impromptu speeches and evaluations. Here is a summary of each one:

  • Prepared speeches will be scheduled at the beginning of the course. The number of prepared speeches required will depend on the length of the course and the number of participants.
  • Each session will also have an educational component to help participants learn new techniques. This will be presented by an experienced member of Toastmasters.
  • We practice impromptu speaking through a method called table topics. This is where participants are given random questions and try to speak on them for 1 – 2 minutes. This may seem challenging, but it is a valuable skill for everyday life.
  • Finally, everyone who speaks is also evaluated so that you can learn your strengths and identify areas for improvement. We try to get participants involved with this as much as possible, as giving feedback is another important communication skill.

Available Courses

Speechcraft courses are run independently by clubs. All courses that are currently running are listed below.
To register, simply email the contact person. 

For general enquiries about our courses, please email

Capital Chatterers


Thursday from 7:00am to 8:30am
13 January until 3 March 2022 (8 weeks)


St Andrew’s on The Terrace
30 The Terrace

Contact Person

Peter Scholtens

Christchurch Speechcraft


Monday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm
14 February until 18 March 2022 (7 weeks)


St Margaret’s Presbyterian Church
92 Farrington Avenue
Bishopdale, Christchurch

Contact Person

Maria Gear

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