Contest Resources

All resources below are up-to-date at the time of uploading. However, if time is available, always refer to the Toastmasters International website to ensure the resources used are the most current. If seeking a rule clarification, contact World Headquarters Speech Contests or District Program Quality Director Kathryn Duncan.

Speech Contest Rules and Guides

Speech Contest Rulebook
Speech Contest Scripts
Running an Online Contest
Online Contest Best Practices

Contest Chair Certificates and Forms

Certificate for First
Certificate for Second
Certificate for Third
Certificate for Participation
Speakers Eligibility and Originality
Speech Contestant Profile

Chief Judge Forms

Judges Eligibility
Tally Sheet
Notification of Winner
Time Record Sheet
Results Form

International Speech Contest Judges Ballots

International Speech Judges Ballot
International Speech Tiebreaker

Humorous Speech Contest Judges Ballots

Humorous Speech Judges Ballot
Humorous Speech Tiebreaker Ballot

Evaluation Contest Judges Ballots

Evaluation Judges Ballots
Evaluation Tiebreaker
Evaluation Contestant Notes

Table Topics Contest Judges Ballots

Table Topics Judges Ballot
Table Topics Tiebreaker

Tall Tales Contest Judges Ballots

Tall Tales Judges Ballot
Tall Tales Tiebreaker Ballot

Timing Virtual Backgrounds