District 72 Members Section

District Meeting Documents

This page is used to store all meeting documents and to publish any documents or notifications for future meetings. 

Minutes To Be Confirmed

DEC Meeting - July 4, 2021, Sunday 9.00am

Annual District Council Meeting - May 15, 2021, Saturday 1.00pm

NOTE: To facilitate an effective virtual District Council meeting, Toastmasters International recommends, and District 72 requests, the following:
  • For all District Reports and District Club Realignment, District Council members submit questions and concerns to the District Director prior to the meeting for review. 
  • Any protests related to the District Leadership Committee report be submitted to the District Director at least 14 days before the meeting. 
Also, if you are intending to run as a Floor Candidate, you must apply at least 7 days prior to the election. Please read this document

DEC Meeting - May 14, 2021, Friday 5.00pm

DEC Meeting - Feb 28, 2021, Sunday 9.00am

DCM Meeting - Sep 27, 2020, Sunday 9.00am

DEC Meeting - Sep 26, 2020, Saturday 7.00pm

Last updated 6 July 2021