District Meeting Documents

This page is used to store all meeting documents and to publish any documents or notifications for future meetings. 

Draft Meeting Minutes

DEC Meeting 7 November 2021 at 9:00am

District Council Meeting 12 September 2021 at 9:00am

DEC Meeting 11 September 2021 at 4:00pm

DEC Meeting - July 4, 2021, Sunday 9.00am

Annual District Council Meeting - May 15, 2021, Saturday 1.00pm

NOTE: To facilitate an effective virtual District Council meeting, Toastmasters International recommends, and District 72 requests, the following:
  • For all District Reports and District Club Realignment, District Council members submit questions and concerns to the District Director prior to the meeting for review. 
  • Any protests related to the District Leadership Committee report be submitted to the District Director at least 14 days before the meeting. 
Also, if you are intending to run as a Floor Candidate, you must apply at least 7 days prior to the election. Please read this document

DEC Meeting - May 14, 2021, Friday 5.00pm

DEC Meeting - Feb 28, 2021, Sunday 9.00am

DCM Meeting - Sep 27, 2020, Sunday 9.00am

DEC Meeting - Sep 26, 2020, Saturday 7.00pm